what type of music would or raven listen to?

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has she ever shown what she prefers???

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During her white period she moved into an apartment that sat above a performance venue of some sort, but I think she mentioned it was to feel the emotions from the people below her.
Besides that, I think she is more inclined to classical music of the quiet kind, something like Mozart's piano concerts, possibly organ and choir music. Currently with the good/evil battle inside of her, I cant picture her listening to contemporary music (think about what they had on Azerath, if any).
On the other hand if she was ever to attain balance in her life...I guess I would say the possibility is open that she would be into heavier music.

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@Outside_85: I thought she listened to hard-core metal because she isso dark and sometimes has a demotic appearance.

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@moywar700: Normally I'd think Raven wouldn't be listening to anything that might raise her pulse, since she was raised to deny her own emotions to prevent the demon half of her from taking over. Also while she does appear dark, the original version of Raven (pre-Johns) wasn't one that seemed to listen to that kind of music in her free time, post-Johns however metal becomes a more viable choice, but I doubt she'd actually listen to it. (Like in the mini series where she was starting in school and she pretty much equated all the stuff teenagers talked about as something that was taken from a different planet). Also considering the subject matter and who she is, normally I'd think Raven has enough of evil and demons in her daily life before she has to seek them out in musical forms.

The demon half of her might however indulge herself in extreme metal if she was to hit town one night and not be out looking for trouble. Otherwise, jumping a more or less innocent pop-singer/band on stage might be more entertaining for her. (Though she normally is quite quick to work out a scheme for world conquest whenever she flips).

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heavy metal

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@luckydomino1 said:

heavy metal

This, and also Evanescence and Korn ;D

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If we really have to do this, at least give her some credit (and not name Korn, that's simply too close to hip-hop...);

Lacuna Coil

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Slayer...all the way!

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She'd totally listen to black metal. Dark, moody and, more importantly, totally satanic. lol

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She listens to heavy metal goth rock.

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Classical. She loves beautiful quiet things that don't remind her of her parentage.

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Strangely enough I think about this for various characters all the time.

Tool, Celtic Frost, Switchblade Symphony, Alice in Chains, Opeth, Smashing Pumpkins, Bauhaus, Paradise Lost, Nine Inch Nails, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dominion, All About Eve, Octavia Sperati and definitely Fields of the Nephilim are all artists I truly believe would Raven-approved.

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Well now we know she likes to listen to her very own tribute band :D

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