Soul Self...

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How durable is her Soul Self...

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@Roddy010: I think she is inmortal. Her soul will always be alive. She needs a body to be properly "alive". There is a way to kill her. (A magician sorecess) I dont remind it...but Zatanna mentioned it in her miniseries Zatanna #03 I think. I dont remember clearly. She did it with her father. 
Raven is the daughter of one of the most powerful demons...She is more powerful that she is portrayed lately. Her chakra gave her the control of her powers. Without it she could be dangerous. more dangerous I mean.
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@Roddy010: Its durable to an extent, I remember Black Adam shattering it causing psychic backlash. s far as I rmeember this was the only time I ever saw it shattered, and this was world war III Black Adam, so that shows it takes a lot to damage it.
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Yeah it takes alot  to harm her Soul self,i mean it's a someone stated above the only real definitive waaayy to get rid of her soul self is by some type of Magic =)

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Or someone can distract her, make her lose focus and concentration, then it weakens.....
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It was shown as being stronger in the old days, or rather, it was shown to be actually useful in the past. I cant actually remember anyone in a center piece shot fighting it and not flatten it with a fist (silly considering its not a solid object) or cut open with the Persuaders axe.

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