So what ever happened to the TV adaption of "Raven"?

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I was just wondering because if memory serves, CW was going to start a show based off Raven.  Uhhh, I'm sure most of you guys heard of it already.  But I don't know, I was just randomly thinking about it today and I looked it up but I guess nothing happened.  Anyone know anything?  I was just wondering.

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@justforthecomments: I think it was only a rumor. Never ended up even getting to script phase, the Green Arrow show got rid of any chance it had.

Also, nice 'Beast Boy Bothering Raven' av. :)

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Raven doesn't need her own show.

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I don't know what happened. I would've checked it out though.

Kind of reminds me how almost a year ago there were talks of the CW making a Deadman show and Fox making a Spectre show. Whatever happened to those as well?

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@Jotham: Bahaahahaaha xD You got me there!  I was like whaaa?? 
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If I remember correctly, Green Arrow was up before Raven began circulating, so I don't know if it's still in the works or scrapped. I don't think it's completely scrapped in any case, since Arrow could bomb like BoP did.

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It had never been green-lit. It was only an idea the CW was throwing around. When Smallville was coming to an end they wanted to get another DC title going. Along with Raven, there was another series called "The Graysons" about Dick before his parents death, that was also pitched as an idea. They instead decided to do a direct spin-off of Smallville using one of the more popular side characters, Green Arrow. I imagine that the Raven idea will still float around, and might get another chance when a time slot opens up, but the farthest it had gotten was being in discussions to get green-lit for an experimental pilot.

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I would actually watch a Raven series rather than the Arrow series but I'm still looking forward to it!

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Okay, heres the real story.

Raven was pitched as the TV show to take over Smallville in CW since they wanted another Superhero TV show. That was done under the previous president Dawn Ostroff who wanted to get their target audience amongst the 18-34 women. She even cancelled WWE because it doesnt fit her demo.

Mark Pedowitz took over CW as the president and he scrapped the Raven TV show probably because it wasn't well written.

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I hadn't heard of the Raven or Deadman ones, I did hear rumors about a Blue Beetle show to replace small ville, not to mention I did watch a promo trailer designed as a pitch for an Aquaman show on the CW. All those metas and they go with the human... can't say im surprised budget wise.

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