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There anyone out there against Raven and Beast Boy pairing? I mean don't get me wrong I want Raven to have a love interest. And I think Raven's an AWESOME character:D! I do, I sooo do. But I just really don't like her with Beast Boy. For one thing, there was no real indication in the past series that there was anything between them beyond friendship. And two, he's too immatrue for her. I don't care about the whole "opposites attract". I just honestly never saw them as a couple material. At least Emma and Cyclops have more in common compared to them. 
And also in my opinion, the only reason I believe people became interested in them as a couple in the comics was because of the Teen Titans cartoon. And now the writers are having the whole "Raven secretly loves Beast Boy. And he loves her". Sounds like another Dick-Kory storyline again. Come on, Raven can do better. And no offense to Beast Boy, he's got a good character. But I don't see them getting married and etc.  Raven's got a lot of potential but come on. Beast Boy?! Yuck:P. 
Note: Beast Boy fans no spam^^;. I salute your love for him. But I like I said I can't imagine them together. And those who support Raven-BB couple. No attacks either.

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@MichonneHack27: Raven is a terrific character, but I think you are underselling Beast Boy.  Gar is far less immature as people who follow the cartoon or only remeber the early days of "The New Teen Titans".  He may have a proclivity toward humor and have a deceptivly positive view on life, but it is by no means for reason's of immaturity.
Amongst the titans, Gar has had one of the most tragic lives (Raven may be the only one who can top him in this regard)  From these tragic past he has grown to appreciate the good in life, and he uses his humor to try and remind the people he cares about that there is more to life than the hardships that the costumed life is all too full of.  He has always worked as the emotional mediator of the team.  When tensions were too high he was always the one who would try and take the edge off and point out that it isn't as bad as the others may be thinking.
 Beast Boy's biggest set back is that for the past few years he has been written by poor writers who don't like to explore his potential.  Winick cared more about writing Dick, Wally and Roy where as all the other characters were left to flounder.  And Hendersen's run of Teen Titans was so poorly thought out and executed worse that not one of the characters involved were portrayed properly.
 If you haven't I would suggest you read Geoff's run of Teen Titans.  I don't expect it to change your opinion on Raven and Gar together, but it would be a good place to see how serious and mature Gar can be.  However, Krul promises to have a much better concept of him (so if you can you might want to look at his Blackest Night: Titans)
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You arent alone in that oppinion, and i never understood why John's joined the two (back in NTT there was never anything between the two other than friendship). 
I dont like the idea of them being together either because they dont compliment each other in they way they both need to be. Gar needs to be with someone who's actually a good reciever of his humor and can help him get over the past (BN told us he's not past Terra), from what i've read of her, Kruls new character for example might be a good choice. And Raven needs someone who can lift her out of the darkness she usually wallows in and be prepared that he might become a part of it, someone like Forrester (without the techno-vampire thing going) or Joey. On the bottom line, they both need someone with the surplus spirit to help elevate them, as they are together its more like taking two broken dishes to make a new.

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I disagree, i think you are overlooking how good Beast Boy can be to Raven. He has the whole humor thing going on that adds a twist to Raven's dark character, she can ge kind of jealous because he shows his emotions genuinley and freely and isn't afraid to make fun of himself to make her laugh. Plus I don't see Raven ever getting married, with the whole daughter of Satan ( yes I know he isn't Satan but y'know what I mean) she would marry anyone, even if she did have a good long term relationship (plus writers will use her going "dark" as a plot device for the end of eternity). Not to mention that the point you made of her not being with Beast Boy before is not valid. In the NTT Raven used to be older than beast boy, remember that she used to be around Wally West's age?
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I am against it. Then again, Raven is one of my favorite characters, so is Beast Boy, but my main point is, all my favorite characters I prefer solo. I think comic books suck at good relationships. Some are great "short term" but yeah. I'd rather Raven just do her own thing. 

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I think she can do alot better then Beastboy
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I think she should be with Jason Todd...Jea, I said it.
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im gonna be honest if the love interest between never had been brought up i really wouldve probally never have cared for it but since it has been brought into the story i actually have really started to love the idea of them having a love interest. yes i admit that i am looking at it more from beast boys love interest  rather than ravens love intrest, but none the less there is no they shouldnt be together. they do have the opposites attract theory on their sides but even so who gives a crap i mean sometimes we have to just put the fact that it is being written and none of these characters are actually real and just say you know what raven beast boy you want to like each other then fine if its your decision then fine i respect you to the highest degree that i can and so im happy that you both have each others

now i know i sound weird but thats just because well i find it more fun than not acting wierd, but its also because sometimes its best to take something and make the best of it and so if beast boy truly cares for raven then why should i care i respect him enough to call him my favorite superhero and that means standing by everything hes ever done and ive always liked raven too so if she feels that there are some confusing feelings of love for beast boy then im very happy for her and hope she figures it all out
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Like I said...I think Raven should be with Jason Todd.

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@DarcStorm said:
" Like I said...I think Raven should be with Jason Todd. "
I agree with what he/she said.
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@DarkShadows said:

" @DarcStorm said:

" Like I said...I think Raven should be with Jason Todd. "

I agree with what he/she said. "
I'm a guy, and thanks. I see a relationship between Jason Todd and Raven goin' multiple ways...and none of 'em are bad for their characters. And he DOES care for her.

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