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    Ravan is a Thuggee assassin who worships Kali, the Indian goddess of death. He was a member of the Jihad and later the Suicide Squad

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    Very little is known about Ravan's origin. Possibly born in India, he was raised in or joined the thugee cult. He became a ruthless and efficient killer, with each murder committed intended to hold back the return of the goddess Kali. Seeking to continue carrying out these murders, he joins the terrorist group The Jihad.


    Ravan was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell. He made his first appearance in Suicide Squad #47.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Jihad

    Working with the Jihad in Qurac, Ravan accompanies his team on several terrorist missions. They are confronted by the Suicide Squad, and Ravan battles Bronze Tiger. In the course of their battle Bronze Tiger breaks Ravan's back, but refuses to kill him. For this, Ravan swears vengeance. Later, he and the Jihad are again confronted by the Suicide Squad, and Ravan is again defeated by Bronze Tiger. At their invitation, he joins the Suicide Squad himself.

    Suicide Squad

    As a member of the Suicide Squad, Ravan joins the team on several successful missions. During the Janus Directive he kills Mayflower, and becomes dedicated to the destruction of Kobra, who he views as his nemesis. Later, as the team is about to break up, Ravan is one of the few operatives who Amanda Waller brings with her to take down the crime syndicate of the LOA. After the group's dissolution, Ravan travels to London where he sets up a cyberchurch and leads a murderous cult. He is captured by Batman a year later and put to work in the reformed Squad. He travels with the group to Israel where Kobra is being held, and is able to meet Kobra in battle. He is poisoned and soon overwhelmed by Kobra, who is himself incapacitated by the arrival of the Atom. Ravan asks Atom to kill Kobra, or to allow him to kill Kobra, in order to fulfill his last wish. Atom refuses, and Ravan dies cursing his name.

    Blackest Night

    During the Blackest Night, Ravan is raised from the dead by a Black Lantern ring. He attacks Belle Reve alongside dozens of other members of the Black Lantern Corps. His ring is deactivated and he returns to the grave by the self-destruction of a Manhunter.

    Alternate Versions

    Arrow: Season 2.5

    The version of the character appearing on the television show of the same name appears in this comic book adaptation.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ravan is a very skilled martial artist and assassin. He has displayed proficiency with bladed weapons.

    Weapons and Equipment

    As a result of his broken back, he is required to wear a high-tech body brace that allows him to walk and stand independently.

    Other Media



    Ravan appears as a prisoner of ARGUS and member of the Suicide Squad in the episode "Unthinkable." This version of the character appears to be a skilled marksman. He is portrayed by Viv Leacock.


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