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Ravaca is a a Secundae who appears to be close friends with Seahn, Gracos, and Viham. It would appear that she is involved in a romantic relationship with Gracos and is often infatuated with the idea of him eventually leading House Dexter. It was also hinted, but not confirmed in the story, that she had been in brief romantic trysts with Seahn as well. She at first seems hesitant about Seahn trying to take over House Dexter, and quietly admits that she would prefer Gracos to lead instead. She eventually goes along with her friends and even encourages the idea of getting involved with House Sinister, although she notes that they may be too wild. After Seahn defects to House Sinister and captures Pyrem, she, Gracos, and Viham, turn on him, stating that he has betrayed their friendship and their House, but they are easily defeated by Seahn and other members of House Sinister. Yala and Trenin soon arrive to free them and their captured leader Pyrem, however Gracos is killed in the ensuing battle. Ravaca is next seen at the funeral of Gracos and is easily agitated because of his death. When Persha decides to reside with her parents in House Dexter for a time, Ravaca and Viham try to abduct her in order to gain leverage over Ingra. Persha easily defeats them and decides to form an alliance instead.

Nothing comes of this as the series is canceled after Crossgen files for bankruptcy. However it was noted by Barbara Kesel, that Ravaca was not actually a Secundae, but a true First. This implies that she was scheming an unknown plot and was able to deceive many members of House Dexter or was part of a larger plan that they were all aware of. Her name is derived from the word provoke and governs her main personality traits. Her true power levels were never revealed, however.

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