Character » Rattrap appears in 83 issues.

    The wisecracking spy/infiltrator of the Beast Wars and Beast Machines era.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Beast Wars

    Rattrap & Dinobot
    Rattrap & Dinobot

    Rattrap is one of the members of the Maximals. After his team was stranded on a prehistoric Earth with the Predacons, he took the form of a large rat to protect himself from the large amounts of Energon on the planet. Rattrap became very helpful with his skills in sabotage and demolitions but was known to butt heads with the defected Dinobot.

    Beast Machines

    After returning to Cybertron, he was infected by Megatron's virus, requiring him to reformat. Rattrap had difficulty in learning to transform in his new techno-organic body and after he successfully transformed, he realized he lacked weapons. The combination of him compromising a mission and the badgering of his team members pushed him to go to Megatron, who at the time was vulnerable. He struck a deal that if Megatron provided him weapons, he would protect Megatron for one night. Realizing what Rattrap had done and why, Optimus talked him down, telling him he was significant to the team.

    Botanica & Rattrap
    Botanica & Rattrap

    When Botanica joined the Maximals, she and Rattrap argued frequently, but in one of their arguments, they kissed by accident. They agreed to try and forget it. Rattrap showed his true feelings for her though when he sacrificed the tide of a vital battle to save her when she was cut off from the planet's organic core.

    After the planet was reformatted, he began a relationship with Botanica.


    Rattrap is a trickster among the Maximals, which will sometimes get his teammates to butt heads with him. He frequently argued with Dinobot, partially because Dinobot was formerly a Predacon and Rattrap did not trust most, if not all, of Dinobot's actions or motives (as well as Blackarachnia). Rattrap is also known for being somewhat pessimistic, frequently predicting an impending doom ("We're all gonna die").

    Rattrap seems to avoid direct confrontation, especially when odds are against the Maximals, doing anything to avoid him risking his own hide.

    After returning to Cyberton which was overrun by Megatron, Rattrap had to reformat himself, resulting in him being less effective in battle, but usually quite helpful outside of battle with his hacking skills and inventions. After falling for Botanica, Rattrap grew to become more compassionate.

    Weapons & Gadgets

    • Demolition charges
    • Small rifle
    • Computer hacking tools
    • Holographic projectors
    • Plant grenades

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