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    COBRA Rattler.

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    Primarily designed as a ground assault jet, this aircraft has been the flagship of COBRA's might for many years. This aircraft is a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) class which means it does not need a runway to get airborne or land. Often attacks in formations.

    The Cobra Rattler is the most dominant weapon in their air force. Capable of sustaining punishment that would cripple or destroy any other plane in the air and still fly, the Rattler is predominantly used for destroying armored vehicles and parked aircraft. While more maneuverable than most any other aircraft, it's simple not equipped for extended dog-fighting due to it's low speed and fuel-consumption. Many an enemy pilot has met his demise at the hands of a skilled Rattler driver, and if for no other reason, that alone has given it a feared reputation.

    The Rattler weighs in at 23.5 tons and has a top speed of 450 MPH and a fully loaded range of 300 miles. The Rattler has a massive arsenal of weapons. It features one nose-mounted, seven-barreled 30mm anti-tank gun with 1,400 rounds. Dorsal-mounted, twin 20mm armor-piercing automatic machine guns with 2,000 rounds of ammunition each. The Rattler is typically configured with six 750 pound high-explosive aerial mines on two triple-ejector racks; two pilot- selectable air-to-air/air-to-ground missiles; two air-to-surface armor-piercing torpedoes and two radar-seeking air-to-air missiles.


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