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    Born to a British father and a native American mother during colonial ages, Ratonhnhaké:ton witnessed his mother's death during his childhood. Swearing revenge upon those who were responsible Ratonhnhaké:ton went on a journey to find the Assassins and ended up creating the American Brotherhood as its first Master Assassin and Mentor.

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    A child of two world’s, Ratonhnhaké:ton, or Connor, was born in 1755, the product of a Native American mother and a British father. Connor was raised by his mother among the Mohawk tribe and suffered during his childhood because of death of his mother due to an attack by colonists. At thirteen years old he ventured out of his village to meet the Assassin Mentor Achilles Davenport, and spent years training in tactics, stealth, philosophy, languages and combat.

    He officially joined the Assassin Order in 1770.

    Powers and Abilities

    Connor was trained in hunting and basic combat and free running by his tribe, but after meeting Achilles received extensive training from the assassin order. His skill with his twin hidden blades is prodigious and his mastery of the tomahawk is unquestioned.

    Connor is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and frequently bested multiple opponents at a time, winning the Boston Brawlers tournament.

    Connor possessed the rare sensory ability of eagle vision, allowing him to instinctively tell friend from for and track enemies with barely noticeable clues.


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