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    Son of Fink Angel.

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    Ratfink is the son of notorious Angel family member Fink Angel. Very little has been revealed about where he originates from, When first seen the character has already been preying on the Cursed Earth population for some time, mainly using much the same methods as his late father.


    Ratfink was created by John Wagner and Peter Doherty. Appearing in the Judge Dredd series of comic books the character was first introduced in 2008, in Judge Dredd Megazine issue 273.

    Major Story Arcs


    In his first appearance Ratfink makes the decision to take a wife, which for him means kidnapping whoever takes his fancy and murdering her family.

    Ratfink takes his new "wife" back to his home, a cave in a cliff side. The victim tricks Ratfink into believing that they have a stash of gold hidden in their trailer, so he goes back to the scene of his earlier crime to retrieve this non-existent money.

    Being that its been some time since Ratfink has killed, the area is now full of Judges. Ratfink manages to kill some of the Judges but realizes that his kidnap victim had been lying about the money.

    Ratfink is eventually caught up with and taken prisoner, but refuses to tell anyone where his victim is. Dredd and the others let him go, pretending to be squabbling, and then follow him back to his den.

    Ratfink's Revenge

    After his last crime Ratfink is in jail on death row.

    Just before being led to the shooting range he uses a mutant ability to control animals, and a swarm of rats destabilize the ground that the prison is built on.

    Ratfink and many other inmates manage to escape, making their way into the Undercity, where they have to fight off the crazed inhabitants to progress.

    Dredd is also in the Undercity at this time following a different set of crooks, Ratfink gets the jump on him and ties him upside down with some other Judges who were on the scene.

    Dredd eventually escapes and defeats Ratfink in battle, re-apprehending him.


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