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    The Autobot's medic. Ratchet is usually one of the older Autobots and has wisdom to match his age. He is a skilled medic and scientist when needed. Along with Bumblebee he is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal and closest comrades. He is often asked to join the front lines when the Autobots are low on fire power. He may be a medic but when called on in battle he is one of the most fierce.

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    Ratchet is well-loved and easily one of the most memorable Autobots from the first generation of Transformers. A medic first and a soldier second, Ratchet was still by no means any less capable of defending the Autobots than any other member, though he did have less armor than some (as shown during Transformers: The Movie, when the Decepticons attack the ship that he, Ironhide, Prowl and Brawn are piloting). His courage and loyalty are never doubted and always on display in the thick of things. His vehicle form was an ambulance. It should be noted that Ratchet apparently had two robot forms, but only his action figure showcased this second, more obscure transformation.

    He is one of the the members of the Autobots. He is also Optimus Prime's apprentice.


    Transformers: Infiltration:

    Ratchet appears to Verity Carlo and Hunter O'nion right at them moment they are being attacked by jet. He appears as a mysterious man in an ambulance. Ratchet maintains this appearance through a barrage of attacks of Decepticons. Verity offers a place to get the ambulance repaired and Ratchet takes the offer. It is while at the garage of Jimmy Pink that the group is again attacked by Decepticons.

    In this next group of attacks Ratchet decides it is time to tell the truth to his human companions and reveals the truth when he transforms to protect them from the Decepticons who have revealed themselves to be giant robots. Ratchet knows that this goes against event he Decpticon protocals and decides it is time to get help. Verity's hand held computer has information revealing the hideout and truth of robots in disguise. She is found out to have stolen it from a man whom she met while riding a bus before she met up with Hunter. This information Ratchet feels will serve his base team located in the bottom of Lake Michigan. When he gets there Prowl is angered by how many rules Ratchet has broken and even though its obvious that the Decepticons are up to no good their is not enough proof for the Autobot team to go after them.

    Ratchet knows their is some afoot and decides to free his human friends. While talking with them Bumblebee over hears the conversation and agrees to helps Ratchet find what proof he can from the old Decepticon base that was on Verity's hand held computer. The humans decide that they will help out in any way to do their part in protecting their planet. When they get to the Deceptiocn base only the humans can go in and Ratchet and Bumbleeee keep watch for an traps or Decepticons who might show up.

    Later Skywarp and Blitzwing show up to destroy the base as is Starscream's orders. The Decpticons have been following the signal on the handheld device Verity has been carrying and have been destroying any evidence that they knew was on the device. Ratchet and Bumblebee do their best to protect it while the humans are in it looking for proof to help Ratchet. When the base is attacked all but Verity escape from it. Hunter gets ready to go back and Verity surfaces and says that their is another robot down their. She had found Megatron. Ratchet decides that he and the humans will return to the auto bot base, and alerts the rest of his team that Meagatron has shown up. This prompts the rest of the Autobot team to come out and confront the Decpeticons. They arrive at the active Decepticon base where Megatron and Starscream are fighting for power as leader. The team deciedes not to fight this battle and heads back to base when they get there the humans are still around and Optimus Prime has shown up to lead his team of Autobots.


    Originally created for the toy line of Transformers, Ratchet made his first appearance in the Transformers Miniseries in 1984. This was soon thereafter followed by a monthly series of the same name


    • Height: 20'
    • Weight: 3 tons

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Transformers: Forged to Fight (2017) (Mobile)

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    Ratchet is a Tech Class playable character and enemy, he is a 1-4 star rank character.

    Game Bio: The Autobots' veteran Chief Medical Officer has patched up his fair share of Bots over the years. But he's also an underrated warrior who can hang tough with the best of them - especially with his recently developed talent for self-healing in the heat of battle.

    Ratchet was released on April 5th, 2017.


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