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    Ratchet is a Lombax born in Fastoon. Later transported as a baby to the planet Veldin. He is a mechanic and also the best friend of Clank. He and Clank are the main protagonists of the Ratchet and Clank series.

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    Ratchet is a species called a Lombax from the planet Veldin. He is the only Lombax anyone has seen.

    Ratchet and Clank

    First game.
    First game.

    Ratchet was a lonely Lombax trying to get off his planet to see other galaxies and planets so he built a ship but it's missing 1 thing. His adventure starts when he sees 3 ships in the sky and 2 of them are trying to destroy the other ship. Then the other ship falls out the sky and crashes. He then takes his trusty Omniwrench 8000 and his bomb glove to check out the crash site. On the way there he battles a few robots trying to kill him. He destroys them then he sees a small robot on the ground he picks it up and takes it back with him. The robot then wakes up and asks Ratchet who he is. Ratchet introduces himself then asks the robots name. He says a whole bunch of numbers so Ratchet just decides to name him Clank. Clank then asks to see some guy named Captain Quark but Ratchet says he can't see him. Ratchet needs a ship and he's missing one thing. Clank then says the robotic ignitions chip. Ratchet says yeah. Clank offers to help Ratchet only if he takes him to Quark to stop a villian named Drek. They get in the ship and soon get to the planet Rilgar. When they get there they find out to see Quark they need to win a hoverboarding race. Ratchet gets a hoverboard and then goes to the top of the building where the race will be held.

    Ratchet and Clank in Blackwater City

    On the way he meets this guy that wants to sell him the R.Y.N.O. The Rip You a New One. Clank then says thats the most powerful missle launcher in the galaxy. The guy then wants to sell it to them for 250,000 bolts. They don't have that much money but they will come back later. When they get o the top they enter the race and Ratchet manages to win. They then see Quark after they bribe the bouncer. He says that he needs Ratchet to help save the universe. He gives them an infobot to watch then Clank downloads the coordinates and thleave for Quarks H.Q. on planet Umbris. When they get there they traverse the obstacle course then they meet up with Quark and he says stand in the ing of heroes to get what you deserve. Clank urges Ratchet to do it because he was having 2nd thoughts. When they do they fall a few 100 feet. Then Quark explains that the villain Drek doesn't want them in the way. Quark then sicks a Blargian Snagglebeast on them and Ratchet Clank kill it. Ratchet then gets mad at Clank for allowing them to be tricked so easily. Then Ratchet just gets obsessed with taking out Quark. Ratchet then finds Quark on a space station. They go there to find Quark and a faster ship. While they traverse the space station they find a hangar with a ship in it and they see Quark. They get in the ship and fight Quark. Ratchet ends up winning and Quark falls on a planet and blows up supposedly.

    After that they go to another one of Drek's space stations. They find out that Drek intends to blow up a planet that is in the way of his planet. Ratchet soon finds out its his home planet Veldin. Ratchet races to Veldin and then traverses the obstacles then he is face to face with Drek. They fight and before Clank could finish Drek with his giant Clank form Drek shrinks Clank and activates the wapon that will destroy Ratchet's planet. Ratchet shuts it off and manages to knock Drek on to his planet. Then Ratchet and Clank blow up Drek along with his planet. The falling debris almost kills Ratchet but Clank manages to save Ratchet by turning into a jetpack and flying them to safety. Clank breaks his arm and Ratchet leaves for 2 seconds and tells Clank to come with him if he wants that arm repaired Clank comes and that ends their adventure.

    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

    Ratchet and Clank in Going Commando

    After they beat Drek things start to cool down after a while and they get bored. Then suddenly they get teleported to the Bogon galaxy. Then this guy named Abercrombie Fizzwidget tells Ratchet and Clank that the Bogon galaxy is in trouble and that they need Ratchet. Fizzwidget says he's the head of Megacorp. He then talks about the experiment and all this information about it. After his training Ratchet then goes to this flying lab to get the experiment. When he tries to get it this masked villain stops him then Ratchet escapes. Fizzwidget then gives Ratchet coordinates to chase down the thief on several planets. They then meet on the planet Sibeirius and they fight and Ratchet wins.

    The thief then flies away. Ratchet then gets the experiment and then heads to the place that Fizzwidget wants them to go to. They meet Fizzwidget and give him the experiment. Then while they were in his ship he accidentally ejects them and that gives Clank some dought. After they get out of their they are confronted by the thief who trips and the mask falls off and Ratchet sees it is actually a girl who's name is Angela Cross. They then go to planet Dobbo and find out the protopet their now calling it is really a savage beast. So then they go to Boldan to stop Fizzwidget from selling protopets. Too bad it was really a robot.

    Then R&C head to jail for trying to knock off Fizzwidget. They break out and find out Angela's been kidnapped then they manage to save her from a gigantic robot. She then says they have to go to Megacorp Hq and stop Fizzwidget. When they get there they find out that Fizzwidget was really trapped in a closet. The fake one was really Captain Quark. He tried to use the protopet to restore his status as a hero. He then screws up and makes the protopet even bigger and badder then before. So then R&C defeat the protopet and restore it to normal and it now is not a savage beast. After that Angela gives Ratchet an infobot that shows Quark paying for his crimes and he's testing out the new Megacorp Crotchitizer.

    Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

    Game cover.
    Game cover.

    After that they were watching the holovid then just scrolled to the news. Ratchet saw that his home planet was under attack by the Tyhrranoids. So Ratchet leaves Bogon and goes back to his galaxy and helps the Galactic Rangers beat back the invasion. They then find out that the person who ordered this invasion was Dr. Nefarious. So then the president orders them to find the one person who ever beat Nefarious, Captain Quark. He lost his memory trying to save a planets forest. R&C find Quark and take him back to the Starship Pheonix to get his memory back. After all that the Q force (including Al, Helga, Skidd , Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Sasha) is ordered to infiltrate Nefarious's base on planet Aquatos. After all that the travel to the planet Daxx. They learn of the biobliterrator but they didn't know what it did. When they go to Holostar Studios to film Clank for his t.v show Secret Agent Clank, Clank had to bring on this pop star robot named Courtney Gears so R&C could get information on Nefarious but things go wrong when Gears knocks out Clank. Then she replaces him with a fake Clank called Klunk. Ratchet doesn't realize this until he goes to the planet Metropolis where there's a Tyhrranoid invasion.

    After Ratchet makes it to the end he says hey Clank to the Clank that's imprisoned. Then he realizes that his Clank isn't really Clank. He then beats Klunk and rescues Clank. After all that and more R&C go to the planet Koros to destroy the Biobliterrator. After they destroy it Sasha reveals that there's one more. So then they go to the planet Mylon. When Ratchet starts to battle Nefarious and beats him Nefarious teleports into the Biobliterrator and starts firing missiles at him. Then Quark shows up and helps R&C out. R&C then get in to a mini ship with missiles and start shooting at the Biobliterrator and soon destroy it. Nefarious tried to escape but he didn't specify a destination and he is trapped on a asteroid for 5 to 10,000 years. R&C then go to Clank's Secret Agent Clank movie and that ended another adventure.

    Ratchet: Deadlocked

    Game cover.
    Game cover.

    Ratchet and Clank in Deadlocked

    While on the Starship Pheonix robots came to capture Ratchet, Al, and Clank. Ratchet then goes unconscious for a while. When he wakes up he finds out he's going to be on a show called Dreadzone but he has some choice words for Al when he wakes up. Al tells Ratchet that if they try to escape the Deadlock collars they have on will detonate killing whoever is trying to escape. Since Ratchet now has a combat suit on to make sure all the circuits are working Al tells Ratchet to try to move around to make sure everything is working. After Ratchet qualifies for Dreadzone after he wins the preliminaries he explores his new place to stay. Al then gives Ratchet his own battle bots from a falling contestant who didn't make it. Ratchet then visits Clank at his station to talk about how to escape. During Ratchet's first event he gets slandered about things that are untrue or if it happened the Dreadzone Announcer/News Reporters Dallas and Juanita twist everything that happened around. After Ratchet wins that event and he travels to a few more planets he ends up in his first big event. He has to go up against the Exterminator Shellshock. After traversing the Dark Cathedral of Chronos and encountering Shellshock several times Ratchet finally battles Shellshock Lombax to Robot. During there battle Shellshock runs away several times to different parts of The Dark Cathedral of Chronos. When Shellshock finally stays in one place Ratchet manages to defeat Shellshock then Shellshock falls to his knees and he dies. This win only lead to more slander for Ratchet. Ignoring that Ratchet tells Clank about how it felt for him to beat his first exterminator.

    Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

    In Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Ratchet and Clank took a holiday on Pokitaru when a little girl asked if Ratchet could do something heroic. After the presentation, Ratchet, Clank and the girl met Qwark who told them that he never met his parents. Soon after that, robots attacked the beach and kidnapped the girl. Ratchet said that he and Clank had to help the little girl. Clank noticed that the girl left an object behind and said that it was Technomite technology, but Ratchet believed that Technomites were only just a myth, and told Clank that "There!!!". Ratchet persuaded Qwark to tell him where the Technomite artifact could be used. In return, Ratchet loaned Qwark his "super-computer" to search up his ancestors. As they sought the girl, they found out that Technomites might have been real. Afterwards, they found the girl, who introduced herself as Luna, and taunted the heroic duo. Ratchet saw a very strange dream in a medical surgery station, with memories of his past adventures, showing recurring characters in the Ratchet and Clank series and also bosses and friends. Clank then woke up the Lombax and later escaped. They then went to planet Challax, where they found a shrunken Technomite City. While exploring the city, they found out that Luna was a robot. On the Dayni Moon was where the heroes met Luna again, where she told them about the Technomites kidnapping Ratchet so they could have his DNA to create Ratchet Clones via cloning. They defeated Luna. While Clank was searching for information in Luna's head, he got electrocuted, and the Technomites entered Clank. Ratchet went inside Clank, using a Shrink Ray, and saved his friend. Clank said that the clone factory was on planet Quodrona, so they agreed to fly there. At Quodrona, the Lombax and the robot met Emperor Otto Destruct. The emperor told his plans to suck every brain-power of intelligent beings of the galaxy to become the most intelligent being in the whole universe. Ratchet and Clank defeated the emperor and once again, saved the galaxy.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

    While working on their hoverbike, Ratchet and Clank receive a urgent call for Captain Qwark to which they respond. Soon it is discovered a full scale invasion of Giant Robots is happening and is being led by led by Emperor Percival Tachyon.

    They travel from planet to planet piecing together the sory of the Great War where all the Lombaxes wiped out the Cragmites and that they were considered heroes for doing this.

    How this was done no one but the Lombaxes knew.

    Ratchet then learns about the Planet Fastoon his species’ abandoned home and goes there to find out the secret which is revealed to be a helmet called the "Dimensionator" a helmet that opens inter-dimensional wormholes. This had been used to banish the Cragmites and only 1 was allowed to stay and it grew up with the Lombaxes. After the discovery of what happened to his people, the Cragmite made a all out attack on Fastoon.

    The Lombaxes used the helmet to teleport to a new dimesnsion hoping that this would fool Tachyon. Only 2 remained the Guardian of the helmet and his son.. The Guardian was killed and the son…well that was soon revealed to be Ratchet.

    Recognizing Tachyon’s plan to bring the Cragmites back, Ratchet and Clank recover it though do to Captain Qwark’s clumsiness Tachyon gets it.

    The Duo confront Tachyon and his army on Fastoon where it is revealed he plans it to be his species’ new homeworld. Despite a tempting offer to join his species, Ratchet realizes he must defeat Tackyon before things go horribly wrong.

    After defeating Tackyon the Dimensionator is damaged and Tackyon falls into a Black hole and the device is proven to be unrepairable.

    As they celebrate their victory, The Zoni arrive and this time they are visible to everyone and not just Clank. They say Clank needs to go home and he does despite Ratchet’s protests. The game ends with Clank’s diappearance and the story continues in Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

    In Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty, Ratchet, aided by Talwyn, set out to find Clank by heading to Merdegraw where Captain Darkwater was. After harassing a gang of pirates they run by a pirate named Sprocket, Ratchet got shot out of a cannon and ended up on Hoolefar Island, which was inhabited by a friendly race known as the Hoolefoids. After meeting the mayor, Ratchet repaired five wind turbines as well as the supply beacon, and the mayor then showed Ratchet the Obsidian Eye. Ratchet then headed to Morrow Caverns, to look for the Fulcrum Star and a map. In the cave, Ratchet saw a shadow figure, and asked Rusty Pete what that was, and he lied, stating that they were shadow puppets. He got double-crossed by Pete in the cave, where Pete stuck Romulus Slag's head in Darkwater's body that caused Undead Pirates to appear, which meant Ratchet had to fight his way back out. Ratchet defended Hoolefar from the pirates, and then headed to Darkwater Cove, where he tried to grab the star but fell through a trap door, opened by Slag/Darkwater. He fought his way out of the cave, and eventually defeated Darkwater, causing Slag's head to get blown off. Ratchet claimed the star, and powered the Obsidian Eye, where he saw Clank being surrounded by the Zoni. He then saw Dr. Nefarious walk down the steps to the room and trips on a feather duster, where Ratchet declared that he would save Clank.

    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

    Ratchet would continue his adventure which started in Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty trying to find Clank, with Qwark helping along the way.

    Ratchet met another Lombax named General Alister Azimuth on Torren IV and learned that his father was named Kaden. Kaden was, according to Azimuth, 'a good Lombax, smart as they come' and was good friends with the General. Kaden was also the first one to theorize of the existence of the Great Clock.

    Ratchet had been apologized by Azimuth for not having another Lombax to know and talk to, but was told that he could now find his family with the General.

    Ratchet traveled all over the Breegus Sector, traveling back in time to learn the fate of Orvus and finally finding Clank in the Valkyrie Citadel. After finally being re-united with Clank, he realized that the risk of using the Clock was too great and that it wouldn't be worth saving the Lombaxes if there was a chance reality would be destroyed as a result. He separated from Azimuth and went on to battle Nefarious with Clank.

    Once Nefarious had been defeated, Ratchet & Clank were saved by Azimuth at the last minute and the three of them returned to the Great Clock where Clank said that it was his duty to protect the facility. Ratchet hugged Clank close to him as a farewell, knowing he couldn't talk Clank out of it. Ratchet then started to walk Clank inside the building when Azimuth questioned why they were not going to use the Clock to save the Lombaxes. Ratchet said that they would find them, but altering the past to do so would not be right. Azimuth snapped, enraged, he fired an energy blast directly at Ratchet from his wrench. Ratchet was struck in the chest and was killed by the blast. He fell backwards off the platform before Clank could reach him.

    Fortunately, Clank managed to seal off the Orvus Chamber from Azimuth. Clank faced a difficult choice- go back in time and save his best friend, or follow his fathers rules. Luckily, he remembered a piece of advice from The Plumber- "I wouldn't risk anymore than 6 minutes." Clank reversed time for the 6 minutes, and was able to prevent Ratchet's death.

    Ratchet and Clank then fought Azimuth in the Orvus Chamber to prevent him from destroying the universe.After Azimuth's defeat, Ratchet saw that the time shift the General initialized was tearing the Clock apart and attempted to stop it. Realizing his error, Azimuth gave his life to repair the damage himself and stop the time shift. Ratchet then took Alister's pocketwatch from the General's body as a memento to his former mentor.

    Ratchet then proceeded to help Clank with the additional repairs, before telling Clank to "take care of himself" and leaving sadly. However, just as Ratchet was closing the cockpit on Aphelion to leave, Clank suddenly jumped in, refusing to leave his Lombax friend until he found his own family. Ratchet smiled and promptly took off into the stars, in search of another adventure.

    Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

    Ratchet returned in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, but he landed into a trap by an evil machine along with Clank, Qwark and Nefarious, after one of Nefarious' evil plans backfired in Luminopolis. He returned with a different appearance, taking up a wider head and bigger head to body ratio - along with larger eyebrows and lack of detailed fur.


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