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An Exciting Crime Thriller

The Story: 

In El Paso, Texas there's an underground legend about a Rat Catcher who assassinates mob snitches. Some don't believe he exists until he slips up and makes a mistake during the burning of a police safe house. 

My Thoughts:

I happened to stumble across this book one day and what attracted me to it was the cover and Andy Diggle's name across the front of it. I hadn't heard anything about the graphic novel but after looking into it, I found that it's one of many involving Vertigo Comics new imprint Vertigo Crime that publishes black and white original graphic novels. 

Being a huge fan of Andy Diggle, I picked this book up. The story started off slow not doing much to capture my interest very quickly. However, the story picks up and I became immersed in this crime thriller. The mystery surrounding this "Rat Catcher" started to unfold page by page in such an exciting fashion. The heart-pounding drama and action is felt on each page as you become acquainted with these characters and wrapped up in their current predicament. The plot twists throughout the story were well placed and well conceived. They really enhance the story furthermore making this quite a fun experience.

The art is by Victor Ibanez. I've never heard of him prior to this but his pencils were incredible for this style of story. I'm not a fan of black and white comics. I prefer color but I actually didn't mind it while reading this. I do think coloring this art might have made the experience even more enjoyable but it didn't make me enjoy the story any less. Artist Lee Bermejo delivers an awesome looking cover for the book.

Rat Catcher was a surprisingly enjoyable read I'd recommend to readers who love a good crime/mystery thriller. If this is any indication of the type of quality Vertigo is producing with their Vertigo Crime imprint, I'm inclined to look into more of their material in the future.  

Rating: 4.5/5

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