Early stories

Tale of the demon: Compilation of the early stories of Ra's Al Ghul by Denis O'neil

Modern stories

Birth of the Demon: Serves as a prequel to Grant Morisson's run. Collects the following stories :

These stories tell the first enconters with Batman, Ra's and Talia (Ra's' daughter).

Contagion & Legacy: Ra's tries to eliminate Gotham city, home of his worst enemy (the Batman), by unleashing an ebola like virus.

Tower of Babel: Ra's nutralizes every JLA members after he stole Batman's secret files one each on of them.

Death and the Maidens: An old and dying Ra's begs Batman to help him. In exenge Bruce gets to speak to his dead parents, which will affect him a lot.

The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul: Deals with Ra's looking for a new body after being resurrected from the dead from a kill a few year back.

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