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    The Rapture is a gateway between hell and earth. It can give hope or take it away, giving hope in hell means release from that dimension. Those who look through the rapture can see true nature of things. The Rapture needs a human host to work.

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    The Rapture is one of the 13 artifacts and it creates a gateway between hell and earth. It can give hope or take it away, giving hope in hell means release from that dimension. Those who look through rapture can see true nature of things.


    Horace Grimes

    In 1901 mathematician Horace was first to find the Rapture, he was determined to discover a theoretical formula which would allow him access to the fifth dimension. He tried the rapture on but he was not chosen to wear it, and it killed him. Horace Grimes was great grandfather of Tilly Grimes.

    Tom Judge

    Tom Judge receives the Rapture 100 years after Horace's experimented with it. Tom discovers it accidentally, when he picks it up he hears it whispering. Then a woman named Tilly Grimes arrived and told him to put it on, he transformed for the first time then. Tom meets with devil named Nick, who explains little about heaven and hell. Nick send Tom to hell where he used Rapture to give Jackie Estacado hope, giving him hope he was sent back to earth. Tom uses rapture to take care of some personal stuff, and some work for devil. When time comes to Tom to choose the successor to hell, he chooses Conductor, but upon turning it over to the Conductor, he (and the Rapture) are transported back to the Earthly plane.


    Months later Tom Judge gets reunited with Tilly, Tom is hunted by Lachryma a demon of despair of sorts. Tom and Tilly spent a night together, after that they are attacked by Lachryma again. Tom pushes Tilly out of the window and takes a stand, it does not go well however and he is killed and the Rapture taken from his body. Tilly is arrested by suspicion of tom's murder and Sara Pezzini gets pulled into the case. Lachryma used the rapture to boost her powers of despair and hopelessness, and threw New York into chaos. Had Lachryma bonded with the artifact she could have thrown the world into a chaos, but she only is a middle man, and she serves some unnamed character. While Pezzini fights Lachryma , she sees something unexpected and takes her leave with the Rapture.

    Carlos Delarch

    Running parallel to the above events, the Rapture is being sought after by a warlock named Carlos Delarch. Lara Croft, who was contacted by Sara Pezzini, is looking into the history artifact known as the Rapture. Her poking around causes the Vatican to think that Lara is actively seeking the relic and they send the Magdalena to kill her. After two encounters Lara manages to convince Patience that not only does she not have bad intentions but to think for herself. Patience abandons the church's mission and they duo travel together in search of the Rapture. They find Delarch's location and pay him a visit just as he's about to get his hands on the Rapture. There is a book connected to Rapture and it can be used to summon it from wherever it is, even from other dimensions. Magdalena and Lara Croft are on the roof of the house where Delarch is summoning the Rapture. The Magdalena uses her weapon The Spear of Destiny, but something unexpected happens, and unknown forces are unleashed disabling the forces they were fighting (This is because the spear is another of the 13 Artifacts). Magdalena then destroys the book while Delarch is still summoning the artifact, and both the man and book are pulled into a vortex.

    Artifact Located

    While in Hell seeking the Wheel of Shadows, several of the Angelus Warriors encounter Tom Judge guarding the resting place of the wheel. Tom appears clutching the Rapture and states that he is not the Wheel's owner, as having more than one of the artifacts is a bad idea. After the 13 artifact are brought together and the world remade, it's Tilly Grimes who wears the Rapture.


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