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    Formerly an agent of SHIELD's Psi-Ops division. She and her black ops team, the Contingency, were trained to kill mutants but went rogue and now work for themselves.

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    "She calls herself Rapture. No doubt she has a real name....but it has been so long since she used it, that on occasion even she can't remember what it is. Not that it matters. Not here....not now."
      -Malcolm Colcord, Director of Weapon X

    Recruited into SHIELD by Agent Brent Jackson the woman known only as Rapture had the perfect moral ambiguity to be an effective assassin. Psi-Ops helped sharpen her telepathic abilities and she was brought in to Project: Contingency as the team's leader under Brent Jackson's supervision. They were specially trained and armed to kill mutants should they ever become a threat to national security, an ideal that Rapture embraced completely. When Brent Jackson was found out to be a double agent for Weapon X the Contingency was overseen by Sharon Carter. Rapture felt betrayed by Jackson and stole an experimental neuro-net exoskeleton from SHIELD before taking her team rogue.

    Brent Jackson believed that Rapture would make an excellent recruit for Weapon X so along with Garrison Kane they were sent to bring her in or eliminate her. Rapture, still on the run from SHIELD, dealt with the first wave of agents sent to bring her in while Kane and Jackson dealt with the rest.....with extreme prejudice. Laying his best sales-pitch on Rapture he offered her powers and amnesty for her entire team but she still held a grudge for bringing them together then just abandoning them to SHIELD so she refused. Kane then followed orders and tried to eliminate Rapture if she wouldn't join them. Her telepathy and the powers granted by her neuro-net suit allowed Rapture to stay ahead of Kane long enough to lure him into a trap. There was a SHIELD safe-house nearby that had sustained structural damage recently thanks to Hydra. Rapture dodged Kane long enough for his energy blasts to damage what remained of the building's structure causing it to collapse while Rapture teleported to safety.

    Thanks to a back-door breach on SHIELD's comm-net Rapture and the Contingency became aware of a mutated Shi'ar computer chip being brought to Avengers Mansion for analysis by Forge. They got a jump on Forge and stole the chip easily, fleeing through the sewers of New York though they were soon followed by Wolverine and then Captain America and Warbird. Rapture easily eluded Wolverine thanks to the stealth abilities of her suit and thanks to her telepathy and the other abilities it granted her she managed to hold her own against him. Eventually she let the Contingency have Wolverine riddling him with magnetic pulse bullets specially made to adhere to his adamantium skeleton and neutralize his healing factor. With the arrival of Captain America and Warbird though Rapture ordered her team to split up rather than face two seasons Avengers. As the heroes split up to pursue Rapture again fought Wolverine though this time he managed to get the drop on her by acting instinctively rather than thinking of his next move. His adamantium claws managed to damage her exoskeleton's power circuits unleashing dangerous energy which she chaneled into Wolverine in an attempt to kill him.

    With Wolverine near death Warbird took him to SHIELD for medical help but unfortunately for Rapture Captain America was still on her trail and her suit was badly damaged. The Contingency met back up and the others were worried about the damage to Rapture's suit, but she had forgotten about it despite the energy leaking from it. They urged her to remove it but she said it didn't hurt anymore and it she needed the strength the suit gave her as they fled into a building. In order to delay Captain America Rapture took a baby from her mother while heading up the stairs of the building to meet up with a stolen SHIELD hovercraft on the roof. When Captain America reached them she taunted him telepathically and dropped the baby forcing him to save her rather than follow her team.

    Managing to track the stolen chip thanks to Warbird's powers they found Rapture and the Contingency meeting to sell the chip to Advanced Idea Mechanics. Instead of just taking the six million AIM offered Rapture decided to keep the chip as well as the money, it was worth so much more. The two groups began fighting each other just as Wolverine, Captain America and Warbird arrived to clean up both teams. Rapture and Wolverine faced off again though she kept getting distracted by the damage he did to her suit and the leaking energy. Again Rapture had the upper hand predicting Wolverine's moves and causing him to misjudge her position. However Wolverine had experience fighting people who could read his mind so he made it seem like he was giving up just to catch her by surprise stabbing her with his claws again. She fell into the river seemingly dead though Warbird confirmed that she had somehow disappeared. Teleporting into the SHIELD detention center where the rest of the Contingency was being held Rapture wanted to ensure that the rest of her team was okay. Somehow Wolverine's Adamantium claws combined with the Shi'ar chip somehow fused the exoskeleton's abilities to her nervous system, she no longer needed the suit but she was now in constant pain. She promised that she would ge them all out and vowed revenge against the people responsible for their current situation.


    Originally her powers were a form of telepathy that allowed her to anticipate her opponents moves and make them misjudge her position. Training with SHIELD Psi-Ops she managed to refine this ability and read surface thoughts and communicate telepathically as well.

    The experimental neuro-net exoskeleton she stole from SHIELD granted her other abilities. First off it made her nearly impossible to track or detect and augments her strength by a factor of ten. The suit also allowed her to teleport in a similar manner to Amelia Voght, she transforms into smoke and can reappear elsewhere. The range of her teleportation is unknown.

    Since her confrontation with Wolverine the abilities of the suit have transferred to her nervous system. She no longer needs the suit for any of her abilities but the trade-off is she is in constant pain.

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