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    Daughter of Blackie Drago in the MC2 timeline.

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    Originally committing crimes, Brenda Drago was forced into the business by her father, Blackie Drago. With the technical expertise of Tony, her abusive boyfriend, Brenda went on a crime spree -crippling a courier in the process- until she was stopped by Spider-Girl and The Buzz. While on her way to the courthouse Raptor was freed and recruited into Funny Face's Savage Six in an attempt to defeat their mutual enemy, Spider-Girl. After being defeat again, Brenda felt remorse for her actions and began stealing groceries and leaving them at the crippled couriers doorstep . Brenda avoided capture and lay low as a waitress until drawn into a conflict between Spider-Girl, the Buzz and the Avengers leading her to have a change of heart. Turning herself in, she sought out legal council from Reilly Tyne (aka Dark Devil) on the advice of Normie Osborn but was attacked by Mr Nobody, sent by her ex-boyfriend Tony to kill her. Following the battle, Brenda asks Normie out, and the two began dating. She joined Spider-Girl and The Buzz in the New Warriors in an attempt to end Funny Face and Angel Face's rampage. While on the team, she truly fell in love with Normie Osborn, the grandson of the original Green Goblin.

    Normie returned her love and the two got engaged. Brenda was eventually held accountable for her crimes, but in exchange for a pardon, she joined a government super team of reformed super-villains run by Agent Arthur Weadon. After working with the group for sometime, Brenda became disenfranchised, believing she would never be truly free. Normie-now bonded with the Venom symbiote- made a deal with the government to take Brenda's spot on the team in exchange for her immediate pardon. When the original Hobgoblin returned he savagely attacked Raptor and chained her to a fence. Upon being rescued she was sent to the hospital and while she was in recovery she married Normie Osborn. The two recently returned from their honeymoon, where Normie has taken a closer interest in the running of his family's company.


    Raptor was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. Her first appearance was in Spider-Girl #18, March 2000.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brenda is not super-powered, but her costume -- designed by her father with technology he used as the second Vulture -- has functional wings.

    Equipment and Weapons

    The wings on her costume enable Raptor to fly at high speeds, and enable her to be very agile in the air. The wing tips are also quite sharp, giving her excellent defense and offense while in flight.


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