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    A new Spiderman enemy who thinks Peter Parker is Ben Reiley. He claims Ben killed his family and he is looking for vengeance.

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    A college scientist, family man and genius Ryder first meets Ben when he hires him as a lab assistant. The two become great partners and friends in and out of the lab. They easily get along joking with one another becoming more like brothers over time. Their research is based on a theory Ryder developed claiming that not all dinosaurs went extinct but they actually evolved. He believes these dinosaurs evolved into humans over time and we still have latent dinosaur DNA inside us waiting to be discovered and maybe even exploited. One evening Ben joined the Ryder family for dinner Damon's wife is very excited to finally meet the person her husband is always talking about, this shows how impressed and close he was with Ben. After dinner the two men drink wine and talk research. Their research has a lot of potential but they had been struggling to get results. Damon finally revealed to Ben that he had finally made a breakthrough but this sparks an argument between them when Ben questioned how he made this discovery out of nowhere, Ryder tries to get Ben to drop it and focus on the good news but Ben knows there is trouble because Damon experimented on himself. They were not ready for human testing or experimentation. 
    Their argument in their lab about Damon escalates with Ben tying Ryder up while he tries to find someone to help him purge the dino DNA inside him (Ben suspected Damon's state of mind was being affected because of the genetic tampering because he was violent and talking crazy). Little did either men know that Kaine was watching them and still looking for Ben. Ben finally found an EMT to help him sedate Damon but when they got back to the lab, which is where Ben left Damon tied up, Damon was gone. Ben rushes to the Ryder home, luckily they were all o.k. There Damon's wife tells Ben Damon is in his office but when Ben finds Damon in his office he is being affected by the dino DNA. Damon is worried and says to Ben that he is having a problem as his face transforms in a more Dinosaur like expression but more severe than shown before.

    We next see not Damon Ryder but Raptor spying on Peter Parker, who he believes is Ben Riley in disguise. Peter is actually unaware of this while he is in Boston at the rehearsal dinner for aunt May's wedding.  Pete goes to the bathroom but he is ambushed by Raptor and their struggle causes them to fall out of the window (which was really high up). Raptor crashes on the ground but Peter quickly changes into his Spider-Man costume to confront Raptor. They fight but Raptor is surprised to see Spider-Man in Boston because he knows Spiderman operates in Manhattan but he still does not want to fight him but does anyway. He pulls out two guns and starts shooting at Spiderman until he webs them away. Spider-Man even makes fun of Raptors super villain like antics but Raptor screams he is not a super villain.  After fighting and shooting Raptor is appalled  to see that he had hurt and endangered innocent people so he turns to flee but Spider-Man gives chase (even though Raptor had stabbed him with one of his forearm spikes). Raptor hops on a bus and starts hopping around traffic attempting to escape because he think to himself the murderer (Ben Riley) had already escaped. Spider-Man and Raptor continue fighting until eventually Raptor yells stop. He tells Spider-Man he had not right interfering and that he has no idea what was really going on. Spidey takes Raptors mask off and he tells Spiderman his details about himself. Spiderman asks what he wants with Peter Parker which Raptor says he killed my family which Spider-Man knows is true, he says you got the wrong guy Peter Parker didn't do it but Raptor gets real mad and says his name is Ben Riley. Spiderman/Peter is stunned and speechless too hear that name but he eventually informs Raptor that Ben is dead and Damon is speechless and his jaw drops when he hears this. Raptor punches Spider-Man as he screams liar and jumps away into traffic leaving Spider-Man clueless to where he went.
    We see Raptor next as he continues spying on Peter Parker, who he still believes is Ben Riley. Raptor spies on the Peter and his friends during the wedding reception. While Harry Osborn walks down a hall with one of Peters cousins Raptors thoughts lead us to believe he will start attacking Peters family and friends. While Peter tries selling some pictures to Ben Urich Damon Ryder confronts Peter at the DB but he keeps referring to him as Ben which everyone notices. Raptor tries getting violent with Peter but their little confrontation not much more than a pushing match. Raptor talks about his plans for Pete, he wants to tear his life apart bit by bit and go after his friends and family but Raptor is pulled away by DB employees and leaves after the cops were called. That night while Peter, as Spiderman, tracks a spider tracer he planted on Damon's coat, Damon is actually at Peters apartment where he asks Peters roommate  if her boyfriend Peter is home she tells him they are only roommates and she lets him in but as her back is turned Dylan exposes his fangs.
    It turns out Raptor did not hurt Petes room mate Michelle but left him the article with his mugshot and let her know he was going to visit his family staying at aunt Mays. Peter tells Michelle to hide at a motel and he heads to his aunts house to check on his family and Harry. When Pete showed up his nightmare came true. Harry tried telling him to get out of there but Raptor's gun was at his head. Raptor has Peter, not in costume, come and reminds him that his family was killed and Raptor was going to kill his family too but he was going to make Peter watch unless he told everyone who he is. 
    Kaine later intervened, revealing that Ryder promised to help Kaine find a solution to his cellular degeneration. Later, upon learning Ryder had lied to him, Kaine snapped his neck, seemingly ending his looming threat to Peter Parker.
    Dylan Ryder is a very smart person and with his research with dinosaurs he alters his DNA and develops velociraptor like powers and attributes. He is very strong, durable, agile and angry (but this may not be because of his powers just his hatred towards Ben Riley or a combination of the 2). He has two long thick bone spikes in each forearm, its suspected he has a healing factor because in his first appearance when he exposes his claws there is blood but when they are not out in that same issue there is no wound on either forearm. He can transform into a more Raptor like appearance, to what extent has yet to be seen yet, his eyes change and he grows long upper and lower fangs. He also carries two small machine guns and uses special binoculars.


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