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Paul Hazlett had invented an anti-gravity generator until Roxxon accused him of developing it on company time and stole it. Hazlett sued Roxxon and was financially bled dry with the use of pretrial tactics. Hazlett would break into Roxxon computers to take back his design and learned that they used his invention to create the super villain known as Killer Shrike. Hazlett would use the remainder of his savings to create his own special suit equipped with cybernetic circuitry, specialized weapons, anti-gravity capabilities and an adamantium weave. Hazlett dubbed himself the Raptor and infiltrated the penthouse of Carl Raston to steal a large diamond. The security set up was good but it wasn't good enough to prevent the Raptor from stealing the diamond with his retractable, adamantium talon. The heist attracted the attention of Marc Spector during dinner and the Raptor is confronted by Moon Knight as he tries to leave the penthouse. After a short tussle, Moon Knight is able to defeat the Raptor by removing the batteries that powered his suit. 


The Raptor was created by Robert Ingersol and Mike Gustovich in 1990 and first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes # 1.

Skills & Equipment

The Raptor had a special suit that had an adamantium weave, anti-gravity capabilities to attain flight and specialize weapons like like an adamantium talon and an adamantium blade he called the beak. The suit was also equipped with cybernetic circuitry and his mask had infra-red eyepieces.

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