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    When Gary Wilton's parents discovered there were complications with his mother's pregnancy, they injected her with a chemical to correct the fetal deficiency.

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    Gary and Maxine Wilson were research scientists that worked for a major drug company when they received some bad news during their first pregnancy. The doctor informed Maxine that their was some complications with the fetus she was carrying and chances were slim that the pregnancy would go to full term. The baby would probably be seriously malformed if it survived to full term so the doctor asked her if she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Maxine and her husband refused and they both worked in secret at the lab until they were able to isolate a chemical which might correct the fetal deficiency. Maxine took a chance and endured several shots at regular intervals for the next few months. Six months later, the couple were involved a horrific car accident and Gary Wilton was killed and Maxine was rushed to the hospital. Maxine gave birth to her son, Gary Wilton Junior but he was assisted by a respirator. Gary Wilton Jr had no apparent physical malformations and Maxine intended to keep him that way. Maxine was very protective of her son and would not allow people to hold him without gloves or let Gary Jr climb trees to ensure his safety. However things would change when Maxine married a man named Roger Morely, owner of Daedalus Airlines. Morely didn't like the fact that his step-son was a wimp and Gary Jr became more timid as he grew up. Gary had no idea that the chemicals his mother injected into herself during the pregnancy had altered his genes and he was about to undergo a dramatic change nearly two decades later. Gary was walking down a street when he came across a mugging involving a local gang. The gang chased Gary into an abandoned building onto the rooftop where he was cornered. A gang member fired a shot and Gary fell off the building. Gary's body transformed into Raptor during the fall and gain the ability to fly. Raptor flew to the rooftop and attacked the gang with his talons and beak. One gang member tried to escape by jumping onto the next building but he would die in the fall. Raptor descended to the ground and hid behind some bushes and trees where he would change back to human form.


    Raptor was created by Dave Ross and first appeared in Avengers West Coast Annual issue 8 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the West Coast Avengers

    Gary Wilton Jr would be at a park near San Francisco's Coit Tower when he sees members of the West Coast Avengers appear from their quinjet. Gary became fearful and confused so he wanted to get away. He stumbled off the path and his pencil clip fell down a drain when he tripped. The pencil clip was from his stepfather so he climbed down the drain and discovered Ultron and Alkhema inside the underground tunnel system. Ultron detected Gary behind the grated screen and pulled the scared teen towards him with a magnetic beam. Ultron was intrigued about the strange aura flaring around Gary when the West Coast Avengers appeared. Ultron was forced to drop Gary when he was struck by an arrow from Hawkeye. Ultron was able to hypnotize the Avengers with a strong mesmeric ray and place them under his control. Gary found Hawkeye's communicard and tried to escape during the battle but was found by Ultron. The aura started to flare around Gary and he transformed into Raptor. Alkhema and Ultron tried to apprehend Raptor but he managed to escape. Raptor heard the voice of Iron Man from the communicard in his pocket and he informed the golden Avenger that his friends were in danger. Raptor met Iron Man and informed him of Ultron's plans to create a volcanic winter by activating three seismic activators at volcanoes located in Alaska, Mexico and Washington State.

    Raptor told Iron Man that he wanted to be on the kill when he confronts Ultron's minions. A brief scuffle ensued when Iron Man told Raptor that he was saving the Avengers and not killing them. They both realized that the true enemy was Ultron and Iron Man allowed Raptor to tag along but was forbidden to kill any human beings. Raptor and Iron Man reached Mt. Saint Helen where they saw several scientist being held captive by the mind controlled US Agent and Spider Woman. Raptor grabs Spider Woman and they go airborne but Carpenter punches the bird man. Raptor is knocked out and changes back to human form during the fall. Gary falls on top of Iron Man as he attempts to stop one of the seismic activators. Gary and Iron Man are held captive by Ultron and Alkhema. Ultron would concentrate all his energy on his mesmeric ray to hypnotize Iron Man but it would weaken his mental control on the rest of the Avengers. The Avengers are liberated from their trance and Gary wakes up during the fight. Gary would transform into Raptor when he sees Ultron and rushes towards him. Ultron would put up a powerful force field and Raptor flies into it. Ultron is defeated when Alkehema betrays him. Raptor chases after Alkhema when she takes flight but he gets too close to her flaming exhaust. Raptor begins to plummet towards the ground and is back in human form when he lands.

    Civil War

    Several American superhumans attempt to flee to France after the Superhuman Registration Act had passed. Raptor refused to register and was intercepted by the French mercenary Le Peregrine over the Bay of Biscay.

    Personal Data


    • Height: (Wilton)5'7", (Raptor) 6'6"
    • Weight: (Wilton) 139 lbs, (Raptor) 420 lbs
    • Eye Color: (Wilton) Black, (Raptor) Red
    • Hair Color: (Wilton) reddish-blond, (Raptor) none


    • Identity: Secret
    • Place of Birth: San Francisco, California
    • Citizenship: USA
    • Education: inspecified undergrauate studies (incomplete)
    • Occupation: Adventurer, student
    • Known Relatives: Gary Wilton Sr (father, deceased), Maxine "Max" Wiltin (mother), Roger Morely (step-father)

    Powers & Abilities

    Gary Wilton Jr has the ability to transform into a powerful, humanoid bird called Raptor. The transformation is triggered when Gary gets scared or fearful towards any enemy. Raptor has sharp talons, claws and a powerful beak. Raptor has the ability to fly and possesses enhanced strength, speed and endurance.


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