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    Freelance Assassin turned mentor of Dick Grayson for the Parliament of Owls

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    Character Biography

    The man who would later in life be called Raptor was born to a circus family of Roma gypsies in Paris, France. Having had the misfortune of contracting leprosy at an early age, he was treated as a pariah among his own people. His life forever changed when he met a young girl named Mary Lloyd who was an acrobat as part of their circus troupe. They both shared a hatred of Paris's elite and sought to prove their worth by stealing from the wealthy denizens of the city, including getting the medication for Raptor's affliction. This only intensified Raptor's loyalty and love for Mary. Even though she chose to marry Haley Circus acrobat John Grayson and ultimately had a child with him, Richard "Dick" Grayson, Raptor never stopped looking out for his love. When the Graysons were murdered by Tony Zucco, Raptor felt tremendous guilt at not having protected Mary. His feelings of failure were only exacerbated by the fact that young Dick was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne who represented everything he and Mary hated. Keeping his promise, he watched over Mary's son through the years and discovered his identity as Robin and then Nightwing carefully studying him and Batman from afar.

    After Spyral handed over Raptor to the authorities The Red Lion broke him and Deathstroke out of a supermax prison. During the escape Raptor manage to stole Slade’s Ikon Suit from lockup. In exchange for freedom Raptor agreed to help Matthew hijack an aircraft carrier. Matthew later revealed the ship stored information that can be use to incriminate Adeline Kane and The US Government, after helping Slade retrieve the hard drive Raptor disappeared whiles US forces boarded the ship.

    Raptor later appeared in the Lazarus Tournament where he developed a small rivalry with Connor Hawke. During the tournament he was beaten by XXL.

    Skills & Abilities

    Due to contracting Hansen Disease (Leprosy) as a child Raptor suffered nerve damage throughout his body which allows him to fight without feeling much pain.


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