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    Deadly sentient automatons born of the Tree of Shadows. Bound and tasked by the Shi'ar to preserve their supremacy; the Raptors resort to more pernicious methods in doing so, becoming feared as universally renown killing machines.

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    The Raptors are the foremost superweapons found and harvested by the clandestine sects of the Shi'ar Empire. A series of technomorphic biomechanical hominoid's modeled after the more lethal elements of their culture and particular faiths; designed and manned to protect and enforce the Great Purpose. The expansion and proliferation of Shi'ar supremacy throughout the universe and beyond.

    They were modeled after a dangerous celestial entity very high up on the cosmic scale of creation, a being said to be the predatory adversary of the Phoenix Force. The Dark Starhawk; otherwise known as Ratha'kon, despite being designed as the ultimate hunter killer weaponry ever fashioned. The androids themselves were unable to host the enigmatic entity and were therefor, structurally and functionally incomplete. Still this did not abate their deadly efficiency as assassins, extortionists and devils advocates in service to their masters.

    Some sixty centuries after their rechristening as the empirical secret police used for black operational ends. The mystical Raptor Amulets used to summon them in place of the one whom finds it, the Android having autonomy in Real Space while the unwilling host takes it's place within they're corresponding crystal pod within the Tree of Shadows. Were left stranded within their home dimension.

    It was not until a rip in the fabric of reality caused by an extraterrestrial warship of the Inhumans ripped through remnants of the Skrull's Secret Invasion force, while on their way to the Kree homeworld of Hala in retribution for their effrontery for kidnapping their king and replacing him with an impostor, did one of amulets reach out to an all bet dead in open space fleet admiral by the name of H'jke Jeeku whom chanced upon while floating helplessly amongst the wreckage of his own ship. It was then where the resurgent Raptor Fraternity member Talon made plans to restore his fallen order.

    Prior Origin

    In the beginning there were six known Raptor Androids created in correspondence to an adjacent number of all powerful magical amulets. The creation of which were for the purpose of harnessing the unfathomable power these gemstones, devised by scientists forced into the services of the alien crime boss; lord Dargin Bokk. But the tech specialists rebelled against Bokk in the end in which most of them were defeated, their persecutor would then take one of the Amulets as his own. Using it to become the first known Raptor wielder known as Evilhawk.

    After a time one of the amulets fell into the hands of another alien named Kistur. Whom was killed by the human mutant traveler Charles Little Sky; having stripped the armor off this robotic chassis and taken it as his own in order to became the heroic adventurer Portal.

    The amulet which would come into the possession of one Christopher Powell would eventually find it's way to the derelict Wonderland Amusement Park on the remote planet of Earth at a later date. The last remaining two of the original five amulets would become the possessions of the final pair of scientists whom would survive Bokk's harsh penalty for open defiance, Byron and Mondu. After they had perished they're lingering original Darkhawk bodies would be merged with Kistur's Raptor corpse to create Overhawk.

    True Origin

    In truth however, the origin Chris always believed was actually an instinctual fever dream created by the Datasong. This was due to the fact that humans weren't meant to integrate with a Raptor Android unlike other older races throughout the universe.

    Some billion years ago, an enclave known as the Elders of the Universe were making their way through the infinite dimensions of their continua. One amongst their number; Ord Zyonyz, stopped and planted a seed within the newly formed Darkforce Dimension whilst on they're pilgrimage through creation.

    Naturally his planting was forgotten over the coarse of time as was their nature to rove and roam endlessly across eternity without impunity.

    A thousand years or so afterward; the tree would later be fully grown. Occupying it's own sub-dimension within it's current surroundings which other would eventually come to name Null Space. It was here within the pocket realm which came to be where under evolved ancestry of the Shi'ar and Skrull species would first do battle. While a mystery as to what it was that started the conflict, the savage races of that era were both fighting over the alluring fruit which dangled from that which came to be the Tree of Shadows.

    One of the cromagnon Aviary made his play, managing to grasp fruit from the tree. Becoming the first Raptor to exist after plucking one of the gem like persimmons from it's branches.

    From there, Raptor Prime as he would be called; came to imprint upon their entire being. Taking on their hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations; while also adjusting himself to mimic the traits of his peoples enemies as well. Combining killer instinct with formless creativity, some time later a Cabal of secretive mystics would find the Tree and in conjunction; the Raptors.

    Where they begin modifying it all to better suit the needs of their burgeoning imperium over the coarse of eons.


    Darkhawk Android

    The Raptor Android is an advanced piece of Shi'ar Magitek with vast transmorphic abilities allowing the pilot host numerous superhuman capabilities. Due to the unique nature of the human mind, Chris Powell is able to utilize their abilities to an even greater degree than the android itself can by it's own accord.

    Onboard Facilities

    A couple of natural facilities every android comes equipped with are as follows:

    • Cable Claw: Darkhawk has a set of extendable grappling talons he can unsheathe from from the back of his hands. It usually takes the form of projectile cable protracting from out the right forearm, he can shoot it out as a whip or cord latch while also using it for closed quarters combat. The droid can also alternate it's forearms to create single digit razor claws if necessary.
      • Spy Drones: These apparati are just malleable enough to be refashioned into hawk shaped surveillance devices linked to the android bodies sensory receptors. Through them the Raptor see's whatever it see's
    • Weapon Manifestation: Darkhawk could manifest high grade munitions battery's from the Tree/Ship itself from Null Space into his hand at will. Either conjuring up more powerful gunnery into Real Space or simply morph their droid armor into a colorful host of higher grade artillery at will.
    • Disfigured Appearance: The face plating of the machinoids are removable, each having a twisted and inhuman visage beneath the helmet wear that is disorienting for others to look at. While not necessarily a combat form, revealing the faces of the drone to others while in combat usually has the effect of inducing extreme fear, nausea and unease in those whom peer into it's hideous gaze.
    • Modulated Physicality: Raptor's have self-augmentative condition which exceeds that of most beings in the universe. The Robot body itself boasts supernatural levels of physical strength, speed, durability, reflexes and agility greater than that of the average humanoid. Being strong enough to rip through Shi'ar battle cruisers with purely physical force. They are incredibly fast and agile, especially while in flight able to cover hundreds to thousands of miles on terrestrial biosphere's in minutes to exceeding mach speed and even escape velocity whilst traversing empty space. Their resistance to assault is impressive as it is varied between different androids; Chris as Darkhawks could trade blows with the superhuman assailant Venom, resist small to heavy arms fire from handheld pistols to missile launchers, Talonis could tank heavy energy blasts from the likes of Vulcan and/or Blastaar, Raptors are essentially tireless and can exceed stamina limitations of most organic beings with little to no difficulty. Darkhawk was incredibly robust having been able to lift several ton boulders, bend and crush solid steel bear handed, the android's are all highly adept at rapid motion being fast enough to outpace a speeding vehicle while it's in motion.
      • Bionic Senses: A Raptor's Optics has an array of possess an array of vastly differentiated sensory outputs complementing their Artificial Intelligence based abnegation complex. Said facilities stretch along the lines of telescopic, microscopic, infra-red, remote-feed and multiple other fields of ocular perspicuity. They can even perceive cleaver disguises wrought of holo-image inducers to sensing the presence of ectotheric entities and are even capable of seeing through a great many forms of camouflage.
    • Cybernetic Restoration: Despite they're incredible resilience and high threshold for punishment, A Raptor chassis may still incur major enough damage to warrant maintenance in order to keep in optimal condition. Injuries to the android can be easily repaired by switching back between itself and the amulet wielder. Said Raptor body teleport's back to its holding space on the Darkhawk ship/Tree of Shadows in Null Space; while there repairs can be effected in a near instant.
      • Healing Pod: In the event of a serious firefight where body swapping is not optional. Pilots can initiate a subsidiary rejuvenation protocol where they are cocooned in a bright energy shell that can steadily but gradually propagate anatomical reparations. Something akin to an board medikit Raptor Android's can use as a physical restoration alternative in order to help support damaged systems till actual recovery can be properly made. It is not as effective as body swapping though, because damage take longer to mend than simple matter substitution. The more serious the maladjustment the longer said pod'll take to fix it.
    • Retractable Wing Span: A common trail amongst all Raptors is flight capability via metallic wing span located beneath the underarms. Through which they can simply glide short distance fly at ultra high speeds, velocities reaching from mach speeds to transluminal celerity with relative ease.
      • Tapered Pinions: Raptor wings are incredibly sharp as well as highly resistant to abrasion and impact. The edges of their plumage acting as sharpened incisors capable or ripping through flesh or steel as if it were paper. They also double as added shielding to deflect oncoming assaults.

    Adaptive Shapeshifting

    The technomechanical organisms have a reactive and preemptive capability to change, morph or otherwise alternate their physiological attributes by conscious thought. It is a skill that the first Raptor developed after the primitive Shi'ar conceived it. This facet of their abilities also doubles as a mechanical healing factor; in which they can technomorphically pull together damaged or destroyed pieces of it's mechanical frame in order too better reintegrate its compromised physicality. One of the most prominent skills they've spent eons perfecting in order to access and utilize these skills whenever they wish is called Reconfiguration. A reprogrammable system parameter cataloged within their shared knowledge pool known as the Datasong, that allows the host consciousness to reshape the technology of the cybernetic bodies through an act of vivid concentration. Visualizing how and or what kind of arsenal and battlement formation a pilot can generate from their own robotic chassis. Such mode transformations are usually backed up within the Tree of Shadows, where their innate cyberpathic abilities make them readily available to the parasitic robot minds whom control their Raptor Amulets.

    • Strike Suit Mode:
    • Warflight Mode:
    • Full Combat Mode:
    • Heavy Weapons Mode:
    • Disguise Skin Mode:
    • Rescue Suit Mode:
    • Gigant Albatross Mode:


    A shared electromechanical infoweb pool which links all the Raptor Android's to their hive mind and beyond. The Datasong enables them and their adjacent host pilots to telepathically absorb, share, process, modulate and otherwise manipulate any and all forms of understanding gleaned from the parachronal insight this facility of their programming. They use it to familiarize themselves with critical information withheld on and garnered through their shared experiences throughout their eons of service to the Shi'ar imperium. It also gives them an advanced form of Clairvoyance and ESP with which they are able to glean and predict the future by psycho-analyzing a myriad of infinite possible to probable outcomes borne of the differing choices, coarse of actions and the data energies cascading from all over the universe and beyond. Using a form of algorithm generated by their cybermind, they can churn up visions of any or all theoretical outcomes with a high potentiality percentage. Their systems also enable them to psionically project this information directly between each others minds as well as into those of other beings via direct physical contact. Through this gestalt they possess the ultimate and incorruptible multi way radio telepathic link with which to communicate, even across interstellar or inter-dimensional distances. Talon also showed that his kind can also access the minds and memories of others as well, working it like an omniversal translator to better expand on their ability to communicate. It is through this aspect of the Datasong that Raptors can subvert the conscious minds of anyone withholding an Amulet. Allowing for the self-aware A.I. to overtake the Raptor body and suppress their would be battery stand-ins conciseness, Chris learned that he can also use this attribute of their facilities in order to expunge the malevolent persona controlling their unwitting vessels by forcing a swap out between the robot and those occupying their crystal Pod. Darkhawk and other Raptors also attain a form of cyberpathy through which the drivers of the mech body to remotely access and interface with most any and all forms of applied science; mainly technology and machinery, for the express purpose of increasing their understanding and the technical capability of the android itself. Through it Raptors and their pilots can impose his or her will upon sentient minds through the sound of their voice, they can also initiate effects similar too hypnosis or mind control using the Datasong to further their own goals.

    • The Perch

    A unique pocket dimension seemingly only available between Powell and the Raptor called Razor, sits between the android's Datasong and Null Space. It is a collective memory pool where feelings and interactions between a Raptor and it's swap host are cloistered together within it's digital hive mind, sharing and blending all of the personal characteristics of the two's psychological engrams as one. Effectively encoding a little bit of the android's pod holder's personality onto the robot body they pilot.


    Raptors are equal parts science as well as sorcery, they are capable of utilizing magic from the Darkforce Dimension which powers their frames for a myriad, of as of yet, undisclosed purposes. Such as creating inscription seals for the use of a recall spell, like the one Shir Ydm Talonis inscribed upon the Cosmic Control Rod when he and Razor presented it to Blastaar in the Negative Zone. He demonstrated this effect to show he has a means of maintaining control over their alliance by willing Annihilus's item of power back into his hands. Speaking in an arcane tongue to initiate such a process.

    Extra-Dimensional Interaction

    The Raptors main ability source stems from their natural affinity to use their Raptor Amulet as a crucible to siphon and re-channel virtually limitless amounts of energy from Null Space, the Darkforce Dimension and possibly from other cosmological sources that'ev yet to be seen or documented. They emit these energies into Real Space through their chest amulets for a colorful plethora of uses. Darkhawk mainly channeled Darkforce Energy as beams of concussive energy from his Raptor Amulet but could also create forward facing or full body energy shielding as well. More creatively; these shields can be made use of as pinning devices to detain an adversary or a bettering ram while in rapid locomotive flight. Raptors can even emit beams varying type such as heat, concussive or re-directive force from his facial visor lens along side his breast plate crystal. Chris could also channel his Darkforce as a Tractor Beam to remotely grasp and move around anything he focuses the beam on. Chris in his raptor form can also channel his energies through his extremities in order to bolster his physical melee, the added discharge to his punches and kicks knocking a several enemies charging him at once several feet away. A particulartly powerful skill Darkhawk utilized in the past was unifying both Eye and Chest beams the two beams in conjunction to unleash far more powerful blasts than either of the two are by themselves. The end result showing itself in the form of a massive black material energy Hawk construct which surrounds the android body and moves in any given direction the pilot wills it too. Probably the greatest faculty of their engineering to dat thus far, is a Raptor Android's capability to conjure up it's own Stargate's for traveling intergalactic and inter-dimensional distances in split seconds. Being able to reach from Earth space to Shi'ar territory near spontaneously, as well as breech into the Negative Zone with just as much ease. It is possible this ability is a minor facet to which the Raptors swap out between a crystal holder and the robot body, similar to how Nightcrawler uses the Brimstone Dimension as a midway teleport point but using the zone as their warp bridge gap to reach across the universe and back.


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