Raphael's Sais

    Object » Raphael's Sais appears in 205 issues.

    Raphael's signature weapons that are used in many of his battles.

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    The Sais are Raphael’s main weapons of combat. They are weapons used to disarm opponents and attack, though originally they were made as farming tools. They were made famous by Okinawan martial artists and therefor many believe that to be their place of origin.

    Raphael, like his brothers, was assigned a weapon by their master Splinter. In his case they are the sai. The Sai reflect a lot of Raphael’s hotheaded character for they are weapons which are mainly used for attack with minimum defense. Over the years Raphael has master them to the point that he has been able to defeat anyone who crosses his path including his own brother Leonardo.

    Out of the four turtles Raphael is the only one whose weapon can be used for fighting and range as he has proven many times by throwing his sai at his enemies.

    In the TMNT CGI movie Raphael was able to break Leonardo’s katanas using the forks on the sais.

    Although there are many versions the most common Raphael sais are steel with his stapled red color in the grip. In the future Raphael’s sais had brown wrappings on their grip.

    Over all although they are not real ninja weapons and are generally blunt the sais can be deadly.


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