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    Ransak was a Deviant who was rejected because he's not deformed like other Deviants. He later joined the Eternals.

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    The secret son of Maelstrom and Medula, and thus a 25% Inhuman, Ransak was born with human aspect. He was rejected and raised as a Reject among the Deviants, who shunned his non-monstrous face. Ransak did not even know the identity of his parents and was sent to gladiator rings. Being his only chance of glory, Ransak empowered his rage and learned to fight. He used a Power-Rod as his weapon of choice, and a costume made of flexible steel as light armor. His violence and ferocity, added to his own, unique, fighting-based powers, gave them the nickname of Killing Machine.


    Ransak the Reject was created by Jack Kirby and first appeared, simply as "Reject" in the pages of The Eternals issue 8 from 1977.

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the Eternals

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    Deviant Warlord Kro tried to impress a female Eternal, beautiful Thena, by taking her to the gladiatorial arena and watching with her a match between Ransak and Karkas, a hideously monstrous Deviant who was really a philosopher and intellectual. Ransak defeated Karkas by finding his weak spot, but Thena was kind to Ransak and that took him by surprise. Kro tried to get Thena's favor by saying that Ransak's genetic stability was a good omen for the Deviant people, and by offering his friendship to Ransak.

    Anyhow, Karkas convinced Thena to offer asylum to both himself and Ransak. Karkas specified that Ransak was not a Killing Machine per choice, but the Deviants forced him to be one. Thus, Thena took both Ransak and Karkas to Olympia, where they would live among the Eternals.

    Adjusting to Society

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    Ransak's handsome face earned him a nickname among the Eternal women: "Sweet Prince". However, Ransak the Reject was not prone to courtesy and his ferocity scared them. Ransak was in very good terms with Thena and Karkas and went with them in different adventures, including scouting for New Lemuria. They also fought Deviants in occasion; Ransak had no regret in fighting his own people, as they only gave him pain. Ransak, Thena and Karkas tracked infamous deviant tool-maker Zakka to New York City. Zakka was trying to use his Time-Displacer to bring up murderers from the past but was eventually killed by one of the monsters he brought back, Tutinax. Karkas and Ransak defeated Tutinax and sent him back to the past although Ransak would find again a much older Tutinax in a gladiator arena years later. This second fight with Tutinax was interrupted by Quasar. When most of the Eternals chose to leave Earth, Ransak decided to remain behind. He was then sent with another Eternal, wise samurai Kingo Sunen, who would teach him warfare and discipline (although Ransak was a good learner in only the first one). Sunen also gave him roles in Japanese movies. During this time, Ransak attacked a Deviant fleet in the Pacific Ocean, killing 137 Deviants without any regret. He later joined Kro's rebellion against the government of usurper Ghaur. Ghaur managed to mind-control Ransak, but Heroes for Hire restored his mind. Eventually, Ransak survived the destruction of Lemuria. Ransak and Karkas were captured by Apocalypse and mutated. Ransak became a monster looking like a lava man, but the Eternals helped him recover his previous body. Then, Ransak helped then defeating Karkas, who would be eventually restored. Ransak took the nickname Warhead and became a member of the New Breed under the leadership of Ikaris. However, he left the Eternals when he discovered that Kro had recovered the throne of Lemuria. He has since served as Kro's aide.


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    Ransak has been trained since birth to become a berserker, able to enter a rage that increases both strength + stamina to a superhuman level, and even provides him an amount of protection (tanks lasers 1 / 2). Along with rage protection, Ransak also has flexible steel combat gear and a Powerstaff able to hurt Tutinax and mutated Kaiju Karkas. While such gear and rage are beneficial, Ransak has difficulty leaving this frenzy before everybody around him is dead (problematic when living in Olympia).g However, he has shown a higher degree of control when the only targets are friends, specially in the presence of Thena. Notably, Ransak has problems to reject a combat.

    (Ransak can, apparently, open portals with his Powerstaff as well)

    Alternate Realities


    Ransak was a guerrilla leader helping Reed Richards burn all of the Terrigen Mists in the atmosphere. The Terrigen Mists had mutated most of the Earth's inhabitants, although Ransak, being genetically stable, was unaffected by the generalized deformity which affected everybody around him. Ransak consider this a deformity in itself. He when under covered as one the monstrous Deviants but was discover by Mephisto who nearly slay him but he recovered and fought back. Later he was recruited by Loki as replacement for Captain America as he was a perfect human, and joined Loki’s version of the Avengers with Ahura acting as Iron Man and Loki himself as Thor.


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