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    Rani is a little girl with great intelligence who was saved by Booster Gold when Daxam was being destroyed by Darkseid.

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    Rani was rescued by Booster Gold from the planet Daxam when it was being attacked. Rani has experienced the traumatic event of watching the Emerald Empress murder a dozen people around her. In order to save her, Booster brought Rani back with him and left her with Rip Hunter while he went to the past to search for evidence of Maxwell Lord's existence. When he returned unlucky Rani learned a handful of colorful new words from her new guardian.

    Booster is still coming to terms with Rip's pointing out that he is now Rani's father, but Michelle couldn't be happier to have someone to catch with about her brother's shortcomings. She and Rani have become fairly close.

    Drawing ponies and butterflies on Rip Hunter's blackboard, as well as calling him Boppy because he looks like her grandpa, Rani is right at home with Booster Gold and his gang. She has even proven that she can be an asset by helping Rip out with some complicated repairs around the Hunter Time Lab. She bonds almost immediately with Michelle, Booster's sister.

    After hearing how bad Maxwell Lord is from Booster and Rip, Rani decides to take a time sphere and go back in time to World War Two in order to tell Max's mom that her son is a bad boy. She is captured by nazis and the time sphere is stolen. Booster and Skeets leap to the rescue and manage to bring Rani back home where Michelle is ecstatic to see the little girl again.

    She also recently showed that she could use Michelle's old Goldstar outfit by activating the magnetism function on it and being grounded by Michelle but also see's Booster as a father figure by asking him to read her a book.


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