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    A Texas based superhero group. The group was later incorperated by The 50 States Initiative as one of it's government sponsored teams

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    The Rangers are a team of heroes based in the southwestern United States. The group was formed in manner much like the original Avengers team. When the Hulk came under the thrawl of the Corruptor, Rick Jones was forced to call for help. The Corruptor wanted to also control Earths Mightest Heroes along with the Hulk. Instead of the Avengers answering the call Texas Twister, Shooting Star, Red Wolf, Phantom Rider, and Firebird responded. After defeating the Corruptor, the heroes decided to stay together.


    The Rangers first appeared in The Incredible Hulk issue 265, and where created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema with big help from Mark Gruenwald.

    Major Story Arcs

    Civil War

    In the final issue of Civil War, the team is announced as the official team of Texas in the 50 States Initiative with the addition of Armadillo and Living Lighting. However, Armadillo left soon afterward. The team also fought off the Skrull invasion during the Secret Invasion, after which the 50 States Initative was discontinued. The team of Rangers however remained together.

    Scarlet Spider

    The Rangers recently appeared in Houston with a new member, Fifty-One, when Kaine broke into Roxxon to confront the CEO David Walsh. After a brief fight the Scarlet Spider escaped. The Rangers reappeared again when Kaine attacked another Roxxon lab. During their fight the floor gave way to reveal an underground lab where Roxxon has been keeping a creature called Mammon.


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