Raneen Rashad

    Character » Raneen Rashad appears in 15 issues.

    A tech-savvy teenager who has it out for Miles Morales.

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    Brooklyn Visions Lottery
    Brooklyn Visions Lottery

    Raneen Rashad is the daughter of Jordanian immigrants, living in Brooklyn. They were struggling financially, and when Raneen's mother died, it got even harder for her father to go though the motions. She attempted to bring more money in by monetizing her preternatural ability to work with machines. Her father, who saw her potential, pushed for her to submit to the enrollment lottery for the Brooklyn Visions Academy. However, Miles Morales beat her out for the spot, and she wanted revenge.


    Raneen first appears in Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #1 by Cody Ziglar and Federico Vincentini.

    Major Story Arcs

    Trial by Spider

    Rabble's armor and drones
    Rabble's armor and drones

    Obsessed with Miles, Raneen puts her tech prodigy skill to work stalking him. She monitors his school records, hospital visits, and cell service among others. She learns the names and backgrounds of his friends and family and eventually deduces that he is the Spider-Man of Brooklyn. She believes he is squandering the opportunity that he stole from her with his double life. She decides to confront him by starting her own double life as The Rabble. She creates a suit of armor, a glider, and a fleet of drones.

    She then kidnaps his friends, Starling and Ganke, and targets his parents house, setting it on fire. Her tech far exceeds his own, but Raneen still lacks the experience to keep up with Miles. Miles eventually gets so mad that his venom blasts manifest into an energy sword, not unlike her own. With this, Miles is able to get the edge, destroying her flying capabilities.

    This only made Raneen angrier, lashing out with her drones. Miles felt the only way to take her out was by overloading her tech. This caused an explosion which threw Miles away from her. Raneen’s body was never found.

    Gang War

    Rabble working with Hobgoblin
    Rabble working with Hobgoblin

    Rabble helped Hobgoblin set up shop in Brooklyn by looting old Beyond Corporation caches to upgrade his weaponry. When Hammerhead and Madame Masque stoked the fires of a gang war in the city, they took the opportunity to start selling upgrades to the Brooklyn gangs including Frost Pharaoh's gang, The Buzz Boys, and The Enforcers. The Prowler had set these gangs up to be found out by Miles Morales, who recruited his own allies to track down the weapons and shut down the source.

    When Hobgoblin got put on the ropes, Rabble made her exit since she had another offer from Madame Masque to upgrade her troops before a big showdown in Central Park. She outfitted the new Maggia with enough weaponry to take out the Syndicate. However, the tide turned when the heroes showed up to stop both organizations.

    Tombstone, who had allied with the heroes, saw the opportunity to usurp his own daughter as leader of the northern territories and call for a retreat. With only Masque's gang to contend with, she would easily be overwhelmed by the heroes. Rabble noticed this and retreated before she could be captured.


    After the gang war, Rabble's technopathy began to act up. She extended her raiding from Beyond Corporation to AIM and Roxxon looking for answers. While doing so, she is approached by Agent Gao. She needed Rabble's help to take out Spider-Man (Morales) as a last mission for the Cape-Killers, since the gang war resulted in the anti-vigilante law being repealed.

    Rabble decided to betray Gao, turning her and her team's armor into prisons that allowed Rabble to remote control them. The armor caused them immense pain, a trap to get Miles to seek her out on her own turf. Rabble upped the ante even more by orchestrating a potential fatal blow against Shift and forcing Cape Killer Gust to use her aerokinesis to pull the breathable air from both teams.

    Although her drones were somewhat susceptible to Miles' venom strikes, Rabble was so enraged that Miles was easily overwhelmed. He eventually found a power dampening collar amongst her tech. He locked it on her, and Rabble lost her connection to her devices, including the Cape Killer armors. She was arrested shortly after.


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