Randolph Porter

    Character » Randolph Porter appears in 13 issues.

    He is the scientist who created the drug Venom.

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    Dr. Randolph Porter was a brilliant scientist who specialized in designer drugs created to enhance human potential. Porter went into business with retired US Army General Slaycroft in an effort to produce and profit from an army of super-soldiers and intended to use Batman as his test subject to lure potential investors. Porter sacrificed his own daughter Sissy in a plot to convince Batman that he needed Porter's pills to increase his strength and prevent another innocent life from being lost because Batman did not have the physical strength to save them. The plot succeeded and Batman began taking the strength enhancing pills from Porter. Batman became a mind-numbed addict to the pills and Porter had seemingly won.

    However, Batman managed to overcome the hold the pills had on him when Porter ordered him to kill Jim Gordon, who Porter and Slaycroft feared would soon be on the trail to uncovering their crimes. Batman went into seclusion to fight the effects of the addiction and Porter and Slaycroft fled to Santa Prisca where they continued their work and created a small band of mind-controlled super-soldiers. Eventually Batman recovered and chased the duo to Santa Prisca. Porter and the General managed to use their mind controlled subjects to subdue and capture Batman and locked him in the dungeon of a Spanish fort. Porter left the pills with Batman, noting the only way to move the massive stone door preventing his escape would be to use the pills to enhance his strength once again. Porter also noted that he had improved the formula, making them far more addictive.

    Meanwhile, Porter's own addiction to pills he had created to enhance his intelligence and numb his emotional responses began to take over. General Slaycroft feared Porter had become unreliable and turned on his partner. Porter was tortured into revealing the secrets behind the manufacture of the pills and was about to be killed by Slaycroft when Batman, who had managed to escape his prediciment without the use of the pills, intervened. A fight ensued, Slaycroft was killed by his mind-controlled super-soldier son, and Porter was captured by Batman.

    On the flight out of Santa Prisca a confident Porter revealed to Batman that he had ingested his own strength enhancing pills and was sure of his imminent escape. He did make an attempt to escape, bending the bars of his prison cells with his bare hands. However, the drugs had diminished his mental capacity to the point that he simply wasn't smart enough to escape. Porter went into massive withdrawal in prison and died a victim of his own concoction.


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