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Rando is a demon who had previously hunted down 99 psychics stealing an ability from them after killing the, He then set his sights on learning the Spirit Wave technique created by Genkai.He then hid his true demon form entering as the human "Shorin" where he passed the preliminaries before battling and defeating Chenpo in the quarterfinals. He then passed the round moving on to face Kuwabara in the semi-finals where he mercilessly defeated and critically injured him, enraging Yusuke who brutally attacks Rando forcing him into his true form. He then batters Yusuke copying his signature spirit gun but is forced into attempting to use his shrinking chat for the victor,however this backfires shrinking Rando as Yusuke was unable to hear it at the time. He is then pummeled by the giant size Yusuke before being arrested by Botan,who escorts him back to the Spirit World.

Powers and Abilities

Rando is a very skilled fighter that can use 100 techniques he has stolen from martial arts masters and human psychics. Rando is a noted human hunter with the goal of becoming more powerful. His varied powers make him unpredictable as he rarely uses the same technique in succession. It was implied that Rando killed all his human victims easily despite their skills. Rando with all his abilities can be ranked low C-Class while without them he would be D-Class. Rando relies on the powers he has stolen and doesn't fight hand to hand.

Signature Moves

Circles of Inferno: Rando summons pyrokinetic balls of fire that he can launch at his opponent burning them or setting them ablaze.

Sickle and Tornado: A bladedcircle of pure vaccum that Rando can launch at his opponent. The blades make air escape from cuts on the body making this attack extremley painful.

Shrinking Chant: Rando can shrink a target after a lengthy chant. This attack is meant to immobilize a target though Rando uses it to torture them. This move was Rando's downfall since the target needs to hear the chant in order to be affected. If this happens the user will shrink instead.

Life-Force Thread: Rando summons spirit thread from his mouth that he can use to bind his opponent. This whip cannot be broken by muscle alone.

Summon Hate Fish: Rando can summon these monstrous fish from the depths of spirit world effectively making any pool of water a death trap.

Summon Trainer Demon: Rando can summon an E-Class Demon to attack a weak opponent or serve has a demonstration for his other techniques.

Spirit Gun: After watching Yusuke fire his spirit gun once Rando was able to copy the move. He holds back the usual amount of energy to help conserve it unlike Yusuke using all his energy in a single shot.

Spirit Sword: Considering Rando was able to copy Yusuke's Spirit Gun just by watching him use it once its plausible that he learned Kuwabara's Spirit Sword the same way.


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