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    Randall was a member of Xavier's Security Enforcers, along with Bishop, Malcolm, and many others from The Days of Future Past Timeline (Earth-1191). He traveled back in time to stop Trevor Fitzroy (and as later retconned, Hope Summers), but he lost his life before he could complete his mission.

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    Randall was one of the mutants that was still living in the 21st Century and was fighting along with the X.S.E. to capture Trevor Fitzroy.


    Randall was created along with Malcolm and Bishop by John Byrne.

    Character Evolution

    Off panel it was said that he started off as a cocky show-boat. Due to the leadership of Bishop, he became a skilled fighter for the X.S.E. and the three of them were the best team in the precinct.

    Major Story Arcs

    Back to the Past

    Randall, Malcolm, and Bishop all traveled back in time partially to stop Trevor Fitzroy and partially to stop Hope Summers. It was not long after the group's arrival in the past that Randall and Malcom were killed in a hail of laser fire.


    Originally it was said that the three traveled back in time to stop someone from betraying the X-Men from within, this would turn out to be the Onslaught threat. This was later retconned to say that Bishop's mission was to stop Hope Summers at all costs because she would be the catalyst of their awful future.

    Powers and Abilities

    Randall was a mutant who could absorb ambient radiation into his body, thereby neutralizing radioactivity in his environment that would normally be harmful or lethal to other living beings. He was also highly skilled in the use of firearms.


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