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    Character » Randall Spector appears in 44 issues.

    Randall Spector is the psychotic younger brother of Marc Spector. He was a serial killer The Hatchet Man and later becomes the infamous Shadow Knight.

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    The Hatchet Man

    Randall Spector first appeared as being The Hatchet Man whom was killing nurses at night. To try and capture him, Moon Knight had Marlene dress up as a nurse and walk a particular route, hoping to draw him out, which it did.

    Randall was chased by Moon Knight, and to get away he severely wounded Marlene, distracting Moon Knight who rushed to her aid.

    Marc realized he was his brother and so continued to chase him down and confront him. In a last attempt to get Moon Knight, Randall leapt at him but missed and impaled himself on a nearby branch.

    Shadow Knight

    He was an overlooked Jewish child that never seemed to be appreciated no matter what he did. His older brother affected him a lot by constantly playing war which Randall didn't like because he always got shot and preferred baseball instead. Slowly he became better than Marc at this game. Their father (a Rabbi) predicted that all this violent games would result in no good.

    He always felt as running towards a greater good, for a time he had found it in his wife and daughter. During his time as a soldier Randall was very skilled and aggressive resulting from his childhood upbringing. He had called Marc (before a boxing match) to let him know he enlisted in the army.

    Later something altered his DNA (probably uranium tipped shells) on the battlefield, giving him a strange power. While being medicated, electrical or radioactive charges came out of his eyes breaking four ribs to a nurse. He was accused of accused of assaulting her which disabled his pension, health-care and not able to get a job. This affected negatively his family and didn't feel special anymore so he left.The Profile sought out Randall Spector and revealed to him that he knew about his past. The Profile said he is a disciple of Khonshu and that Randall is the only one worthy of fulfilling Khonshu's desire. The truth was that the Profile was working for Daredevil.

    Wrapped in bandages and wearing a trench-coat, he kills a number of people in NY and writes messages in their blood trying to coax Moon Knight into appearing.When Marc is caught up in the issues involving Daredevil and Hell's Kitchen, Randall breaks into his house and violently attacks Marlene and then leaves her to die.Now seething with vengeance for his attack on Marlene, Moon Knight and Shadow Knight fight against each other causing Marc's glider to blow up while on a search for a Crescent Moon which might be able to help in the fight against the Beast in Daredevil.

    In New Orleans, Randall disguises himself as a Voodoo Santeria priest and steals the Crescent Moon from his brother and start a fight in which many people die of crescent darts and lighting bolts. On a dock Randall reveals bombs strapped to his person, threatening to set them off in a crowd. With no choice, Moon Knight hurls the Crescent Moon at Randall, cutting his neck and killing him. This further effects Marc who says Jake is dead, and that he is only Marc Spector.


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