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    An Imperial Knight of the Fel Empire who died in its service.

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    Rand Ko was an Imperial Knight that was a stationed on Borosk during the end of the Second Imperial Civil War in 138 ABY.


    Rand Ko was stationed on Borosk during the Second Imperial Civil War and whoever controlled the planet controlled the system. Ko was leading the Fel Empire’s garrison when it came under attack from the Sith Empire during Darth Krayt’s attempt to break the Galaxy after his own death and resurrection. Ko sends a transmission to bastion asking whether the Emperor Fel if he and the remaining troops should retreat or fight to the death because their lines are overrun by a relatively huge Sith force. Fel orders a retreat but before Ko can respond he is attacked by a Sith and the connection is lost.


    Rand Ko was a very loyal Imperial Knight willing to fight to the death against the Sith for the Fel Empire.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rand was a Force sensitive human male who was a fully trained Imperial Knight. He had skills in lightsaber combat and was an adept Force user as all Imperial Knights were. He was also an accomplished leader as the Borosk system changed hands several times during the war, it is therefore right to assume that since he was leading the defense during the battle that he had taken the planet in the name of the Fel Empire at least once.


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