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    Rancor was the Joker's right hand man during his "Last Laugh" when he thought he was dying.

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    Todd Oszechorski was born into a turbulent homestead, his parents murdered each other in a fit of inexplicable rage when he was an infant which followed a trail of foster homes, youth centers and psychiatric wards. Todd's revealed psionic ability rests on his ability as to stimulate emotional flashpoint of instantaneous rage and loathing in individuals within his proximity.

    Todd's unusual & dangerous ability would lead him into curious explorations into human behavior & emotion with his controlled power that lead him to become a counselor to the Huptown Family Care Clinic where he consolidated families but had been fired on slack results, including an incident of violence between families in the area waiting room.

    Losing out to romance & relationships, Todd fell into the studies of White Supremacist literature and hate-criminal groups which lead him to delve further to explore and experiment with his ability to conjure unreasoning hatred.

    Transforming himself into a motivational speaker and consultant to exclusive hate groups, Todd became the rabble-rouser terrorist renamed Rancor across the country. He was halted on his bigoted diatribes after charged with 2nd Degree murder on the incitement of a riot coupled with other minor criminal offenses to his speeches. Sentenced to Marion County Penitentiary, Rancor furthered his agendas for experimentation to incite a riot targeting specific guards and minority inmates with statures of further homicide, effects that gave Rancor a life sentence in the walls of The Slab where he became a co-conspirator to Joker's dying scheme to make the population and super-humans into "jokerized" maniacs like him.


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