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    Ran Harkas was sergeant of the stormtrooper squad called Joker Squad. His nickname was Hardcase.

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    Sergeant Ran Harkas is a veteran stormtrooper in Joker Squad that fought many battles in the Sith-Imperial War and the Second Imperial Civil War. He died near the end of the Second Imperial Civil War.

    Sith-Imperial War

    Battle of Botajef

    During the Sith-Imperial War Ran and the rest of Joker Squad fought against a relatively smaller force of Mandalorians and were able to win only because they had superior numbers. At the end of the battle, Joker Squad takes the ruins of the Mandalorian communication station and they kill a Mandalorian named Vevec and find Hondo Karr, a Mandalorian in disguise that Ran folds into Joker Squad to make up for heavy casualties his men suffered.

    Second Imperial Civil War

    The Battle of Borosk

    Before being deployed to Borosk, Ran saved new recruit Anson Trask from the wrath of Darth Maleval, their superior officer and gives Trask the nickname “Noob.” He introduces Trask to the rest of the squad and they get informed that the 407, their division, is being deployed to Borosk to fight the 908 who are defecting to the Fel Empire. During the first day of battle, he provided Gil Cassel, the squad’s Lieutenant, with cover fire and eventually everyone survived the first day. That night Darth Maleval visits the Joker’s camp to tell Cassel that his offer for the 908 to surrender was redacted and they are to kill the entire 908; Hondo Karr makes a vague threat to Maleval and gets Force-pushed into a pillar. When Jes Gistang starts to retaliate, Ran stops her and when the rest of the squad voices their dissent about the new orders Ran reminds them of their duty to the Empire and pulls them back together. On the second day of battle, Ran was badly wounded when Jes Gistang was killed by a stray blaster shot that detonated extra power packs for her gun. He survived until the end of the battle and witnesses Darth Maleval kill Gil Cassel and his brother and watched as Hondo attacked the Sith Lord while Trask killed Maleval. After the battle he is taken away by a med-droid after telling Trask he is no longer a noob and to keep the new squad members alive until he returns.

    Search on Ossus

    After his recovery, Ran led Joker Squad on a mission on Ossus to the Jedi Academy to search for any Jedi who might be hiding there. Eventually he, Trask, and Orland find the Jedi Wolf Sazen, K’Kruhk and Shado Vao. Vao uses a mind trick and Ran leads the troopers back to the Star Destroyer where he reports they find nothing.

    Search on Napdu

    After the orbital bombardment of Napdu Ran leads Joker Squad down to the surface where they have orders to shoot everyone they find regardless if they are dead or alive. Trask says that he thinks what they are doing is wrong and Ran agrees but is says it is their duty to follow orders no matter what.

    The Battle of Taivas

    During the battle of Taivas, the second to last battle of the war, Ran once again leads Joker Squad into battle. About halfway through he was killed in an explosion as he is leading an assault on the main entrance of the Hidden Temple.


    Ran Harkas was a human male who had no superpowers nor was he Force-sensitive. He was a trained and capable soldier. Trained as a stormtrooper he survived one entire war and almost an entire second one. His training made him proficient with a blaster rifle and other military weapons enough to survive a battle against Mandalorians and he was a survivor.


    Ran Harkas was a veteran stormtrooper who fought in two wars. He had a gruff personality that was very practical but bleak as he had seen many of his comrade’s die; it earned him the nickname “Hardcase.” He always tried to get his squad out of a battle as intact as possible thus he believed in always following orders as that was the best way to do it even if he thought that they were morally wrong. This did not stop him from bending the rules as when he fudged paperwork to fold Hondo Karr into the squad.


    Ran was equipped with standard stormtrooper armor and blaster rifle.


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