Character » Ramsey appears in 18 issues.

    Ramsey lead the army against Evil Ernie. Later he was made President and finally promoted to one of dead ones.

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    General Ramsey was sent to deal with second burst of psycho plague. First he ordered to find Mary Young and Leonard Price and bring them to a cell. Being the survivors of first psycho plague and doctors of Evil Ernie, they had valuable information and Ramsey saw them as consultants. But they didn't like being locked up, Mary used the opportunity to knock Ramsey out and they escaped, locking Ramsey into the prison cell. Soon the prison was crawling with ghouls, and Ramsey too was attacked. He survived in the prison for fifteen days, only thing that was keeping him alive was hate for the doctors. Finally extraction team made their way to him, he ordered the doctors to be captured again, by doing so he saves their lives. He then locked them in some machine, with now means of escape. Ramsey put together a team to hunt down Evil Ernie, they used battle suits for better firepower. Ramsey himself was in the battle suit and fought Ernie. When Ernie got close enough, Ramsey used a Miniature Dream Probe, and sent Evil Ernie into a dream loop. The plan was to trap him in his dream state and then bury under fifty feet of concrete. However the plan didn't work out, Evil Ernie managed to fight off the dream probe, and brought down their satellite, that was feeding those battle armors, New York city got a direct hit. After that failure, Ramsey was demoted, and the command was given to the doctors. They planned to get rid of the motivation behind Ernie and kill Lady Death. That plan to ultimately failed, Ramsey continued his hunt for Evil Ernie without the doctors. On one night every soldier in his army was killed and Ramsey was left alive; alone surrounded by the dead, just to scare him.

    Months pass and Ramsey joins with ARA (American Restoration Alliance). After the Pandora Effect, Ramsey got devices to track the arcane energy, he uses them to hunt Evil Ernie. Using Price Chips they have perfected the dead soldiers with cybernetic implants; Cyber-dead are more obedient and easier to control. Working under Commander Truman, Ramsey is ordered to use biological weapons to wipe out the Plague States. Missions, where he sends good men are failing one after another. It turns out some are manipulated to fail by Truman himself, wanting to make Ramsey as a scapegoat, and win presidency himself. Ramsey was then arrested for treason, by Truman's men, he's to be executed the next day. In Truman's base, Ramsey recognizes his old love Janelle Armstrong locked up in a tank. Stirring up old memories, Janelle escapes from her prison and rescues Ramsey from his cell. Ramsey tries to stop her from leaving, but she says that she's something else now, that Janelle died a while ago. Ramsey is picked up by military, and reveal to him that they implanted tracking device to him after his first Ernie encounter. The military then flies back to ARA base to arrest Truman, who now was outed as conspirator against president. Ramsey wants to confront Truman himself, but is robed of that opportunity, Truman shot himself. The military then announced that Ramsey has selected as a president for New United States.

    Being the president has it's down moments; Evil Ernie sought him out and killed him, when he was after Norad nuclear launch codes. Ramsey was risen as a ghoul and he followed Ernie around, till he was needed to punch in those codes. After that Ramsey found the nuclear warhead planted by Mary Young, he tried to disarm it but failed. That bomb was the last thing he saw.


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