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    A powerhouse thug that has tangled with Spider-Man and Daredevil.

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    Ramrod's true name or full history remains a mystery besides the fact that he originally was a foreman for an off-shore oil rig who was very notorious for his strict and abusive like behavior towards his workers. This strict attitude one day found itself backfiring against Ramrod when his pushed his workers to where an oil drum fell on Ramrod, causing all bones within his body to break. As to what happened after the accident remains unknown when Ramrod awoke on a spaceship not only fully restored back to normal, but having his entire skeletal system replaced with steel. But Ramrod found himself facing a new problem when realizing that he was forced into working for both Moondragon and Kerwin Broderick (who's responsible for restoring Ramrods body) to kill Daredevil and retrieve specific files in order to obtain an antidote after both benefactors revealed that they poisoned Ramrod.


    Ramrod was created by Steve Gerber and Don Heck in 1973 and first appeared in Daredevil # 103.

    Story Arcs

    Acts of Vengeance

    Ramrod would be one of many super-powered criminals that attack the Fantastic Four during the Acts of Vengeance. Ramrod disguises himself in a trench coat and hat as members of the Fantastic Four testify in front of Congress. Ramrod would trip as he rushed through the aisle and knock himself out in the process.

    Ramrod is later seen at the AIM Weapons Exposition on an island protected by international law. Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon disguise themselves as Crossbones, Mother Night and Jack O Lantern so they can infiltrate this expo in hopes of getting information on a criminal named Snapdragon. Batroc the Leaper arranged some pre-expo entertainment by testing the prowess of Crossbones who was actually Captain America in disguise. Ramrod was one of his opponents during this gauntlet match and almost crushed Rogers' larynx until he was jabbed in the eyes and knocked out by the super soldier.

    Brand New Day

    Ramrod is hanging out at the Bar With No Name with other villains when a low-life baddie named the Basher calls out Spider-Man on a website. A man called the Bookie begins to take bets on the fight and a number of shady patrons become angry when they realize the Spider-Man that fights the Basher is an imposter. However, the real Spider-Man shows up and discovers that the imposter is the woman known as Screwball. She tells Spider-Man that the Bookie could be found at the villain bar hangout. Spider-Man shows up and a brief scuffle occurs. The bartender stops the fight and Spider-Man leaves when he gets the information he needs on the Bookie.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ramrod has superhuman strength, endurance, durability and resistance to injury. Ramrod is a cyborg with his bones having been replaced by bands of steel and portions of his body and head are covered with steel plates.


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