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 Almost nothing is known about the background of Rampage except that his name is entirely appropriate. Invincible's first encounter with the marauding behemoth occured when he stopped the nearly indestructible wrecking machine from a spree of destruction that nearly laid waste to a major metropolitan city. Who or what Rampage is has yet to be reveled but Cecil Steadman is certainly attempting to answer those questions now that the ravaging giant is in custody.

During a recent appearance, Rampage was ...well, Rampaging, in the city, trying to get a hero's attention. Invincible was busy dealing with something personal, but Kid Omni-Man, Invincible's little brother, had secretly went out on his "first Solo Mission".
 When he ran into Rampage, he immediately started attacking him. Rampage quickly explained he just needed help getting his armor off. But when Kid Omni-Man wasn't strong enough, Rampage once again began to act his name. Invincible showed up, angry that his little brother was out and fighting, and sent Kid Omni-Man home.

It is not know whether or not Invincible got Rampage's armor off or not, but the simple fact that he wants it off may be a sighn that, just like Titan before him, there may be more to Rampage than just random crime.

Height: 9' 2"
Weight: 3,300 lbs
Eyes: None visible
Hair: None
Strength level: Rampage possesses superhuman strength enabling him to lift at least 65 tons.
Weapons: Rampage utilizes a fully articulated suit of heavily fortified body armor which provides an extremely high degree of mobility and protection from physical damage, the levels of which have yet to be fully determined. The armor completly covers Rampages body, leaving no area of him vulnerable to external attacks. The suit is highly resistant to erosion, abrasion and corrosion. Offensively, Rampage has two large, spiked, mace like fists on the end of each arm which are capable of delivering devastating blows and causing high degrees of damage.


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