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    Ramona was an agent of A.I.M., who killed and then seduced Ka-Zar.

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    Ramona Starr was created by writer Bruce Jones and artists Bob Hall and Armando Gil.


    Ramona Starr, identified in Ka-Zar the Savage #23 - Resurrection! as Colonel Starr, was an agent of the Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) whose job was to retrieve an explosive cultivated from the Ickitari plant, native to the Savage Land, from an international crime lord named Schreiber. While in the Savage Land in the pursuit of her mission, Starr ran afoul of Ka-Zar, the self-appointed protector of the Savage Land, and his confidant and lover, Shanna the She-Devil. Stuggling with Shanna for a handgun, Starr accidentally shot the jungle lord in the head, critically wounding him. Starr and one of her subordinates, Dr. Courtland, pretended to be a married couple in order to gain Shanna's trust and transport Ka-Zar to Manhattan, where the couple intended to use him to help recover the explosive. However, Ka-Zar, in a delirium, disappeared and wandered the city streets. In order to find Ka-Zar, Starr personally broke Kraven the Hunter out of prison. Starr used a sniper rifle and nearly killed Kraven when she believed that the villain was trying to murder Ka-Zar. However, Ka-Zar and Shanna saved Kraven's life. In so doing, Ka-Zar's condition was worsened. Spider-Man's intervention led to Kraven fleeing the scene, rather than face capture, and to Ka-Zar being rushed to a nearby hospital. Contacting A.I.M. agents, Starr had Ka-Zar's body spirited away, and though he died on their operating table, they managed to revive him. They implanted devices to allow them to share Ka-Zar's sensory input, as well as to bend him to their will with electric shocks. With Ka-Zar's companion, the sabretooth Zabu, the savage was sent to Casablanca to retrieve the explosive. After retrieving a small sample from an A.I.M. contact named Vobo, whom Starr then ordered killed, Ka-Zar met with Ramona. She revealed her allegiance and then used the implants and threats on Shanna's life to force Ka-Zar into having sex with her. Unknown to Ka-Zar, Shanna was still in New York, in the care of Peter Parker. Ramona and Ka-Zar locate and confront Schreiber. During the ensuing confrontation, Ka-Zar subdues Schreiber and destroys his compound, and with it, the samples of the explosive A.I.M. coveted. Ka-Zar and Zabu leave the scene unmolested, though Ramona calls after him that he's signed Shanna's death warrant. However, this threat proves unfounded as Ramona apparently dies in an airplane explosion over shark-infested waters in the next issue. Though Ka-Zar and Zabu are also on the plane, they survive thrown from the blast into the water and make their way back to New York City where the Lord of the Savage Land is reunited with Shanna.


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