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    Ramona was a friend of Lobo in earlier times before faking her death to select people. Operates a uni-sex salon and bail bond office combo who hires Lobo up freelance from LEGION work to catch high-price felons. Murdered by interstellar tax collectors on debts against her and Lobo.

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    Ramona is a Southern styled woman of mid-thirties, early forties who Lobo knew far earlier in ages longer Lobo's memory serves. In Lobo's prior bar fight with an alleged wanted criminal he hauled into Ramona's bond's office to be processed for some bounty, Ramona hired Lobo in terms of a freelance operation to catch or kill a wanted murderer/ bail jumper named Loo after he previously killed off an additional four other bounty hunters set against him by Ramona. Intrigued, Lobo set to catch Loo and his brother Feces who ambushed him in his hotel and killed him by shooting his spine in half. Processed in the afterlife by Derek Dood, Lobo was cast out of both Heaven and Hell for his bad temper to be reanimated as a woman in the midst of 1940's War World 2 England to get killed off and later a squirrel who would be killed off by being crushed by Lobo's fallen dead body by Loo once more. A final confrontation would have Lobo designated an immortal by Derek Dood whom Lobo's reanimated body killed Loo with a knife and Feces with a bullet.

    Ramona would later set Lobo to capture a wanted prostitute on a morality's charge from a planet owned by a sultan, Lobo would enroute to fight off a harem of 12,000 women upon learning that the sultan had become impotent for the last three years.

    Ramona had a bit appearance in Lobo #37 - Lobo's Guide to Girls who was less friendlier to Lobo's advances on her in a satirical dating guide to story.

    Ramona cameoed in a single appearance of ' Lobo: Infanticide' in Lobo's attempts to retrieve a felon turned steroid abusing female wrestler who killed and cannibalized her husband raw. Ramona was Lobo's agent for the bounty who Lobo overtook until he would be tricked by his illegitimate offspring to his homeworld to be executed.

    In later effects, Ramona would owe money to the I.R.S.C.- an interplanetary off shoot of the IRS- whom Ramona would ask Lobo to recollect finances from a debt she needed to pay off by an ex-boyfriend named Porque "Bronc" Chauvez who was also a wanted man and a murderous musical artist. The I.R.S.C. would learn of Lobo's intents to have Ramona's debt paid off yet preferred to see her remain in debt to their own profits. Upon learning that Lobo never paid a dime into taxes, the I.R.S.C. sent Ramona's case worker Agent Mortis to compound Ramona's audit and Lobo's audit to a sole operation that lead Lobo to execute Chauvez, Mortis and part of the I.R.S.C. in a final stand-off that left Ramona assumingly dead.

    Ramona is created by author Alan Grant and the artist Simon Bisley.


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