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    Under appreciated female pioneer artist in the male dominated comic book industry. One of the first females to draw Superheroes in comic books! Ms. Fradon worked on Aquaman & is credited as co-creator of Metamorpho. Working through the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern-Age of comics.

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    Ramona got work in cartooning shortly after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York. Her husband is Dana Fradon a New Yorker cartoonist. It was comic book letterer George Ward who was a friend of Dana's who took Ramona's samples and helped land her a job.

    Ramona began working in comics in 1950, which at the time for a woman to be working in the comic book business was very unusual. She is the first female to work on superhero's in comic books. Ramona Fradon is a pioneer comic book artist responsible for revamping the modern day Aquaman in his appearance in Showcase #30 which she penciled and inked. She is also the co-creator of Metamorpho. Also responsible for Jayna, Gleek and Zan on Super Friends as well as a slew of other characters.

    She eventually handed off the Aquaman title, to Nick Cardy. Aquaman then became it's own series when she decided to leave DC comics.

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