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    The main love interest of Scott Pilgrim, Ramona moved to Toronto from New York as a delivery girl for Scott must fight her seven evil exes to win her affection.

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    Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

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    Ramona moved to Toronto from New York, and she soon met Scott Pilgrim. He kept seeing her in his dreams and then discovers her at a party which was thrown by Julie Powers, Stephen Stills' Girlfriend. He found out that she works for and orders CDs off of Amazon to have her deliver them to him so they could talk, and eventually asked her out on a date, even though he was still dating Knives Chau (17 years old). It is discovered that Ramona uses something called Subspace doorways to travel, and a convenient path is through Scott's mind, which is why she appears in his dreams.

    After their date, in which Scott made out with her and slept in her bed but they did not have sex, Scott invites her to his band, Sex Bob-omb's show. She appears at the show and watches as Matthew Patel, her First Evil Ex bursts through the ceiling and begins to engage Scott in a Street Fighter like battle in which Scott defeats Matthew. After the show, Scott and Ramona ride the subway and Scott asks her if they can date, although he is still dating Knives. She then informs him that if Scott wants to date her he has to defeat her seven evil ex's, which he agrees to do.

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

    Ramona and Scott are getting more comfortable with dating each other at this point. After Scott breaks up with Knives Chau, Ramona comes over to Scott and Wallace Wells' apartment to spend time with Scott. She is Back at Scott's place the day after, as she and Scott watch movies starring Lucas Lee, Ramona's second evil ex in order to study him, but this quickly becomes boring and they start making out and then fall asleep. The next day, Scott introduces Ramona to Sex Bob-omb and Young Neil, as they make Vegan Shepard's Pie.

    After Scott has defeated Lucas, she walks into a Second Cup and runs into Stacey Pilgrim, Scott's sister who she previously met at Sex Bob-omb's show, and they go to the Toronto Reference Library, where Ramona has to deliver a package. Suddenly, Knives Chau appears out of nowhere and starts engaging Ramona in a fight because she is jealous of her. Ramona, who has no idea who Knives is, defends herself and fights back. She discovers that Knives used to date Scott from Stacey, and just as Ramona starts gaining the upper hand in the fight, Knives flees.

    Later, while at a show featuring the band The Clash at Demonhead, of which Scott's ex girlfriend Envy Adams is the lead singer, it is revealed that Ramona's third evil ex, Todd Ingram, is the bassist of the band.

    Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness

    Ramona accompanies Scott and the rest of Sex Bob-Omb backstage to see Envy and Todd after the show so they can talk about Sex Bob-omb opening for The Clash at Demonhead at their next show. This quickly turns into a fight between Scott and Todd, which Todd wins easily using his Vegan powers. The two sides eventually agree to meet and fight at Honest Ed's the next day to resume the fight, and Ramona and Scott go back to Ramona's house to sleep. She accompanies Scott at the fight at Honest Ed's but no winner is decided as Todd cannot control his Vegan powers and causes Honest Ed's to implode. After this, we learn that Ramona and Todd dated when they were teens and Todd left Ramona to go to Vegan school, an when he came back, he flew up to the moon and flew into it, creating a crater in it to prove his love.

    After she cuts Scott's hair, Ramona goes to see Sex Bob-omb open for The Clash at Demonhead. She then gets into a fight with Envy Adams, using a giant sledgehammer which is 2 against girls. Envy eventually gains the upper hand and is about to crush Ramona with her own hammer when Knives intervenes, claiming she only wants Scott to be happy. Eventually, Envy gets back on track with destroying Ramona, and Scott intervenes and pokes Envy in her weak spot, which is the back of her knee. Ramona then tells Envy that Todd is cheating on her with the drummer of The Clash at Demonhead, Lynette Guycott, which Envy does not believe because Todd proved his love for her too, by creating a crater in the moon. Ramona tells Envy that Todd did this for her as well and they confront Todd, who is just exiting the restroom with Lynette with Lynette's panties on his head. This turns into a fight between Scott and Todd, and eventually, Scott wins when the Vegan Police take away Todd's powers for eating gelato.

    Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

    Ramona and Scott have been dating for a few months now, and we realize that Scott still doesn't know much about Ramona, other than the fact that she changes her hairstyle a lot and she is "mysterious". He doesn't even know her age, which upsets her a bit, and does not tell her. Later, Scott encounters a mysterious woman who engages him in battle, but disappears quickly after. He then sees the same woman having lunch with Ramona at The Happy Avacado, the restaurant Scott is working at. After a bit of confusion, it is discovered that Ramona and this girl, named Roxanne Richter, used to date during college, during Ramona's "sexy phase" which makes her Ramona's fourth evil ex. Scott, who is not ready to fight a girl yet hides in Ramona's Subspace purse while Ramona engages Roxy in battle, using a titanium baseball bat which is 1 against blonds. They make their way to a Subspace door and start to battle in there, where Roxy quickly gains the upper hand and leaves.

    Ramona then gets upset at Scott because she thinks that Scott has a thing for Lisa Miller, Scott's old friend from high school who is in town visiting. The day after, Scott is being chased by the mysterious man from before, who turns out to be Knives Dad, and runs to Ramona's place using Subspace, and goes through Ramona's dream. She gets upset at him and is even more upset when she discovers that Scott stayed a Lisa's house the night before, thinking she is losing Scott. Just then, Roxy appears in the doorway and it is discovered that Roxy spent the night at Ramona's. Knives dad eventually catches up with Scott and starts engaging Roxy in battle, but both have no idea what is going on. Scott finally mans up and tells Ramona that he loves her, and with that gains 9999 EXP. and earns a sword, which he uses o defeat Roxy. Knives dad leaves, knowing Scott never hurt Knives. The issue ends with Scott moving into Ramona's house because his lease with Wallace is up, and Ramona finally telling Scott what her age is, which is 24.

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe

    Scott and Ramona are at one of Julie's parties, when they run into Ramona's fifth and sixth evil exes, Ken and Kyle Katayanagi, twins that Ramona dated at the same time. Scott fights one of their robots while Ramona talks with Kim Pine on the balcony. Later, it is revealed that Ramona doesn't really like Sex Bob-omb's music, and Scott is freaked out by it. Later, at Sex Bob-omb's show, Knives confronts Ramona in the ladies room and they fight, where Knives tells Ramona that Scott cheated on both of them with each other.

    They go to another one of Julie's Parties and Scott, Ramona and Kim get wasted on Jose Cuervo and then they leave. Later, in bed, Ramona confronts Scott about what Knives said, and Scott tells her that he never cheated on her, but he cheated on Knives with her. They argue and eventually fall asleep. After Scott rescues Kim from the twins and defeats them, he comes back to the house and Ramona thanks Scott for the time they had together and then disappears.

    Personality and Traits

    Ramona is a mysterious figure for most of the series, and not much is known about her past. She sometimes gets jealous of other women who are close to Scott and when she is angry or upset, her head glows and this glow is visible to everyone. She quit smoking after college, but in the fifth volume she is seen to be smoking quite frequently, which could be due to the fact that that she seems more dark and brooding in the volume. She is shown to be good friends with Kim Pine, and seems to truly love Scott.

    Other Media

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Ramona Flowers is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Ramona Flowers appears as one of the four initial playable characters alongside her boyfriend Scott, Stephen Stills and Kim Pine. Her moves usually revolve around her Subspace Suitcase or her hammer. Ramona has a unique skill where she can pull various items from her suitcase. Her stryker in game is Knives who brings a large teacup with which to heal Ramona. Her ending is the same as the comic book meaning it is the canonical ending where her and Scott remain a couple and decide to work through whatever problems they have. In Scott's ending Ramona ends up leaving Scott who then starts dating Knives Chau, Kim Pine, and Envy Adams at the same time.

    Popular Recognition

    Ramona Flowers was ranked 70th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list. Ramona, with her first comic book appearance in July 2004, was the most recently-created character to make the list.


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