R'amey Holl

    Character » R'amey Holl appears in 26 issues.

    Lantern of Space Sector 700; member of the black-ops unit known as "The Corpse".

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    Green Lantern

    Status: Active

    Space Sector: 700

    Sector Partner: Von Daggle

    Homeworld: Papilliox

    Predecessor: Inapplicable

    Successor: Inapplicable

    Current Events

    Currently R'amey Holl is a member of The Corpse with Von Daggle, the Green Lantern assigned to be her partner and superior. Guy Gardner was the last person to have seen R'amey alive and that was nearly a year ago, after her last mission she wiped Guy Gardner's mind and erased any memories of her survival. She caused him to believe that she died in a avalanche on Corona Seven after their mission together.


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    Before becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps, R'amey was a law officer on her home planet Papilliox, which is in Space Sector 0700. She went to seek help from the Guardians of the Universe as all the life on her planet was in danger of being consumed by another alien insect like parasites, the Hymenoptists. She enlists, and by joining the Corps she could defend her world and many others.


    R'amey was created by Keith Champagne and Patrick Gleason for use in DC Comics. The character's first appearance is in Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #7 which was released in February of 2007.

    Most of R'amey's dialogue contains two synonyms attached to each other. It is unknown if this is a characteristic of her race of just R'amey.

    Character Evolution

    R'amey Holl is very by the books, obeying rules and orders, most likely due to her law enforcement training. She develops an affection for Guy Gardener during their joint mission but after it is completed realizes that her dedication to The Corpse is more important and her focus must not waver.

    Major Story Arcs

    R'amey in space around Corona Seven
    R'amey in space around Corona Seven

    R'amey's first mission as a Green Lantern came after she had been just a week out of the training for new Lanterns, along with Guy Gardner she was sent to Corona Seven. The Guardians of the Universe secretly chose R'amey for this mission as a way to get her to join the Corpse, though she had no idea at first. The mission involved traveling to Corona Seven to handle a Dominator scientist whose experiments successfully created a super-powered Khund slave and boosted his own power as well by using a the meteor that Captain Comet was hyper-evolved from.

    Upon arriving on Corona Seven, Guy Gardner and R'amey choose to use energy disks to hunt down the scientist. During the mission the Khund slave proves too powerful and is able to overwhelm the pair of Lanterns, nearly killing Guy Gardner and R'amey; however, she is saved after her body lands upon the same meteor the scientist used for his experiments. Upon landing on the meteor her body is enveloped into a cocoon and sometime later she emerges and is in her new, more powerful form. Using her new powers, R'amey revives Guy Gardner and together they go after the Dominator scientist, finally able to overpower him with Von Daggle linking up with them. R'amey kills the Dominator scientist despite Guy Gardner trying to prevent her from doing so.

    Powers and Abilities

    R'amey has basic training with the Green Lantern Corps as well as a vast experience in law-service to Papilliox. R'amey Holl has an impressive sense of smell. She was capable of scent detecting Von Daggle from a distance on Corona Seven, a snow covered planet. She also possesses a pair of wings allowing her to fly.

    R'amey's wings
    R'amey's wings

    After her evolution transformation R'amey Holl was capable of projecting her thoughts to sense the minds of others. She was even capable of wiping and rewriting the minds of others as displayed when she wiped and rewrote Guy Gardner's mind. R'amey was also capable of creating black holes for transportation and for use in combat as displayed when she created two black holes on either side of Dominator, ripping him in half.


    R'amey's home planet Papilliox has a very warm climate; as a result, R'amey has some sensitivity to cold weather environments like Corona Seven.


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