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    Ramban is a student of the Kabbalah, and can invoke divine powers.

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    Little is known about Ramban's origin. Presumably born and raised in Israel, he trained as a rabbi and became a scholar of the Kabbalah, developing divine powers based on these studies. He became a member of the Israeli superhero team Hayoth.


    Ramban was created by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, and Geof Isherwood. He made his first appearance in Suicide Squad #45.

    Major Story Arcs

    Serpent of Chaos

    Working with the Hayoth, Ramban is sent to handle terrorist threats, and during one such raid successfully captures Kobra. Throughout his time with the team he expresses reservations about the artificial intelligence Dybbuk. When members of the Suicide Squad invade the prison where they are holding Kobra, Ramban confronts the Atom, who reveals that Dybbuk has betrayed the team. Ramban trusts Atom and, finding that Dybbuk is lying, he enters into a spiritual dialogue with him in the hopes of reasoning with him. He successfully convinces Dybbuk to break off his attack.


    Ramban and the Hayoth are sent by their government to capture President Marlo of Qurac, currently being held by the Americans. He provides fog cover for his team as they sneak onto the island where Marlo is being held. He is attacked and dragged underwater by Piscator, but escapes when Aquaman arrives. Later, he joins in the massive fight between the Hayoth, the Squad, and the Jihad, personally fighting Badb. He is apparently defeated by her or Count Vertigo, but is saved by Superman.

    The Spectre

    Ramban is defending Kemal Saad, the leader of the Legion of Palestine, when he is attacked by the Spectre. Ramban tries to convince the Spectre that killing Saad will only cause more blood to be spilled, and is able to withstand the Spectre's subsequent attack. He is knocked unconscious, and when he awakens he helps the Spectre defeat Eclipso. He meets with Father Craemer, and later Madame Xanadu, and together they summon Jim Corrigan's soul. He creates sunlight to drive Eclipso out of Corrigan, and helps Corrigan reclaim control over the Spectre.

    Underworld Unleashed

    Ramban confronts the Spectre, who is obsessed with avenging the death of Jesus, which Ramban claims was God's will. He and the Spectre-Force fight for some time, until the arrival of Madame Xanadu and Corrigan. When Corrigan reunites with the Spectre, he warns that the Spectre may have been corrupted by Neron.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ramban is a magician with divine powers who can wield his magic to a variety of effects. These include offensive blasts, defensive fields, and the manipulation of various natural forces.


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