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    The hero of one of Indias great epics, the Ramayana.

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    Rama is cursed with responsibility. He is the eldest son of the Maharaj of the last human city on Earth, Ayodhya. He not only knows the laws and code of honor, he lives by them and nothing else. When he is sent to a remote military outpost that is then surrounded by the enemy - the forces of the evil techno-beast Ravan - he does the honorable thing: he surrenders in order to save the lives of all those in the city. Unfortunately, he is found by the Council to have done what was dishonorable, and Rama is banished from Ayodhya. So begins his journey, through pain, isolation, and rebellion, to becoming the greatest warrior the world will ever know.

    Based on

    This story is based on the original Indian epic of The Ramayan (also called the Ramayana). The story revolves around the protagonist brothers Prince Rama and Prince Lakshman and Rama's wife Sita.

    Rama was the crown prince of the kingdom of Ayodhya, his father was King Dasharatha.

    Dasharatha had three wives namely, Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi. Rama was the son of Kaushalya, Lakshman and Shatrughana were the sons of Sumitra, and Bharata was the son of Kaikeyi.

    Rama was oldest, and hence the crown prince.

    When Lord Dasharatha wanted to retire and give up the throne to his son Rama, his third wife Kaikeyi being ambitious, invoked the boons that the king owed her for saving his life many years before, namely that her son Bharata be made the king and that Rama be exiled for 14 years.

    Rama's wife and his younger brother Lakshman chose to go with him.

    They left the kingdom for many years, and encountered many adventures along the way.

    The Ramayanas story essentially forms around the fight of good and evil.

    Rama was destined to fight the demon lord, Ravana. The ruler of Lanka.

    Ravana kidnapped Rama's wife Sita and forced Rama to try to take her. Thus leading to the war between Rama and the vaanar sena (literally Monkey Army), and Ravana and his Demon hordes.


    Lord Dasharata - Father

    Queen Kaushalya - Mother

    Queen Sumitra - Step mother

    Queen Kaikeyi - Step mother (note- Lord Dasharata had three wives at the same time, as it was permissible for nobles/rulers in that era)

    Prince Lakshman - Half brother

    Prince Shatrughana - Half brother

    Prince Bharata - Half brother

    Princess Sita - wife

    Luv and Khush - Twin sons (much later in the epic)

    Being a prince, Rama was a trained fighter, especially skilled with a bow and arrow and also brilliant tactician. Also as per the mythology Rama was the avatar of the Hindu God Lord Vishu, thus granting his some divine powers.

    DC Comics

    Rama is the avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu. He met Diana when Cronus and his children tried to wipe out the the Pantheons of all other religions. Despite watching his gods get vanquished, he fought on in a depowered mortal form. His burgeoning friendship and attraction to Diana made him spend some time contemplating the meaning of religion with her. Later he was corrupted by the power of Kali after being mortally wounded by Arachne, into becoming an agent of chaos. By channeling the power of the gods Diana was able to revert him to regular form. He left Diana expressing love for her but also needing some time to sort out his life after the experience he had.


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