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Since prehistoric times, the land Jarhanpur was an oasis that was never disturbed by foreigners because it was protected by Rama Khan.  However, when a boy was abducted because he was to be Jarhampur's next ruler, Wonder Woman intervened.  She and the Justice League of America went to Jarhampur, where they battled Rama Khan.  During the fight, Wonder Woman's golden lasso was broken.  However, she managed to restore it, and reunited the boy and his mother, but in doing so, destroyed the bond between Rama Khan and Jarhanpur, and left Jarhanpur in ruins.  For that, Rama has promised revenge on Wonder Woman and the rest of the JLA.

Powers, abilities, and skills

At one with the land, Rama Khan can control the elements, call down storms, command vegetation, and even rise up as a living mountain of malice!

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