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A medical student at the University of California, and a lab tech, who became the guinea pig for a mad scientist who fought against the She-Hulk.


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Radius is a mutate created by a geneticist called Doc who works for a crime boss named Shade. Radius displayed his devastating power for Shade by killing two of his guards by creating a resonant field and vibration pattern to shake them apart. Radius is hired to destroy the She Hulk and he finds her while she was sunbathing in an isolated area. Radius keeps the She Hulk off balance with his resonance field and attempts to use his vibration abilities on the green beauty. She Hulk creeps closer and closer until the strain is too much for Radius. Radius retreats and returns back to Doc at a mansion in Beverly Hills. Doc realized that Radius was damaged when he attempted to alter the molecular structure of the She Hulk and was terminated for his failure.


Radius was created by David Anthony Kraft, Mike Vosburg and Frank Springer in 1981 and first appeared in the Savage She-Hulk # 22.

Powers & Abilities

Radius can create a resonant field that allows him to control the vibration of any object within his field. The vibration field is so strong that he can shake apart the molecular structure of various objects. He can create a force field with his powers and also possesses a degree of enhanced strength and durability.


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