Ralph Mangubat

    Character » Ralph Mangubat appears in 14 issues.

    An ex-Waynetech board member who has been wrongly charged with murder.

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    Ralph Mangubat was created by Greg Pak and Jae Lee in Batman/Superman #1.

    Major Story Arcs


    In Metropolis several Wayntech's board members were killed by a mysterious figure Ralph Mangubat was the only survivor. While he spent the night with his family they're surprised by Catwoman (possessed by Kaiyo) and to protect his family used prototypes drones created by himself.

    By using a Waynetech properties without authorization was summarily dismissed and for some reason was charged by the murders of the board members.

    Eye of Satanus

    Mangubat's drones impersonating a train.
    Mangubat's drones impersonating a train.

    Five years after the incident in Metropolis he was finally arrested, but had sent his robots across Gotham in search of Catwoman. When he was about to catch her, was prevented by a amnesic Superman which ended up being manipulated to help her out.

    Hoping to protect himself orders the robots to kidnapp Lois Lane.

    Powers and Abilities

    Robotc Engineering


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