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    An orphaned boy who travels with Clare.

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    Raki's family was killed by a yoma, and later killed his brother Zaki and took on his form to eat and kill more people in their town. The town eventually called for a CLaymore to exterminate the yoma. Raki then met the Claymore named Clare. He followed and asked her questions and eventually took a liking towards her. Later that night he found out the horible truth that his brother has been dead and a yoma was posing as him. It then tried to kill him until Clare came in and killed it. Raki in shock Clare left him alone and left. Eventually Raki left his village to find Clare. He found himself in a sandstorm where he past out from the heat. Later he awakes and is in a hotel. He leaves to the front desk finding out a Claymore saved him and brought him to the hotel. Going to look for the Claymore thinking it's Clare he finds another Claymore. She tells him she rescued him from the desert and asks if he is okay. He later figures it out that she is not a real Claymore due to her calling her self one (Claymores don't called themselves by the name from which he learned from Clare). With it act discovered the yoma resorts to killing Raki until Clare arrives and kills the yoma. Wondering why he was there he tells her what happened and asks to go with Clare. Thinking it sounds unsafe Clare asks if he can cook, and he replys gladly.

    Travelling With Clare

    Raki Officially, became Clare's 'Cook' (even though she barely eats). He goes with Clare to the holy city of Rabona disguised as Clare's little brother so she could do her job without being suspicios. At Rabona Raki carried a statue that had within it her Claymore. While Clare search for the human id of the Yoma, Raki was waiting at the baptismal room were the true Yoma actualy was. He is saved by Clare, Galk and Sid. In the battle Raki trows to Clare hers Claymore that she used to defeat the Yoma. When they were leving the city Galk gace him a holy sword which he carries for now on.


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    Against his will Raki didn't take part on the hunt of Clares first Awakened Being hunt. When Clare brought Raki with her on her mission with Ophelia, (#4 of the organisation) She started to attack Clare for fun. Raki tried to protect her but Ophelia proved too much for him. Eventually the Awakened being arrived and Ophelia through Raki at it for fun. It began to eat him but Clare saved him in time. Seeing it is too dangerous travelling together Clare told Raki they need to split up. Raki at first refused to leave Clare but she kissed him and promised she will come back for him.

    The Northern Campaign

    Soon after Raki is separated from Clare, he is captured by slave traders and sent to the North. He later escapes the slave traders and finds himself wondering the wilderness, it was there he met Priscilla who he "saved" from collapsing stones, she then hangs on to him because she likes his smell. It was then Isley decides to take him in to keep Priscilla company.


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