Raker Qarrigat

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    Green Lantern of Space Sector 38.

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    Green Lantern Statistics

    • Status: Active
    • Space Sector: 38
    • Sector Partner: Kraken
    • Homeworld: unknown, possibly Apokolips
    • Predecessor: Inapplicable
    • Successor: Unknown


    During his centuries of protecting the planet Apokolips in Sector 38, Raker was captured by Darkseid and publicly tortured for years to crush any sense of hope. Kraken, his new partner, freed him from his captivity in Desaad's Dungeons. He now struggles to recuperate from his years of torture, both physically and mentally, and has yet to sleep through the night.

    Raker Quarrigat is a Green Lantern of apparently long life who first operated in the early years of the Green Lantern Corps, shortly after the failure of the Manhunters project. Back then, Raker was one of only a handful of Green Lanterns who served the Guardians of the Universe. Nevertheless, Raker was held in high esteem by his superiors for his strength, skill, and leadership.

    When the Guardians dispatched Raker Quarrigat to Apokolips to liberate the planet from the suffering incurred under Darkseid’s rule, the Lantern had no idea what type of power he was about to face. Raker arrived on Apokolips and confidently dispatched Darkseid’s defenses, boldly demanding an audience with the planet's despot. When Darkseid granted this audience, Raker approached the ruler of Apokolips without fear, demanding that Darkseid abdicate his throne and free the suffering populace.

    Amused with this foolish Lantern’s demonstration of strength, Darkseid patiently listened to the Raker’s demands. He then crushed the Lantern’s power ring, as well as his hand, and coldly dispatched this upstart from his planet, informing Raker that the hunger dogs of Apokolips worshipped him and wouldn’t know what to do with freedom. Sent back to Oa with a warning not to return, Raker left Apokolips wounded, but determined to return and unseat it's ruler. Unknown to Raker, Darkseid was spoiling for a fight and had hoped the Lantern’s wounded pride would prompt him to return in force. Darkseid handed over the crushed power ring to Desaad, instructing the scientist to uncover its secrets in anticipation of war.

    Raker soon returned to Oa informing the Guardians that they faced a much more powerful foe then anticipated. He appealed to his masters to expand the Corps in preparation for all out war with Apokolips. In response, the Guardians increased to Corps to 3600 strong, one Lantern for each sector of space. What followed was one of the most important periods in Lantern history, as this recruitment shaped the Corps for years to come. Raker first recruited B’shi who recruited Ash-Pak-Glif and on and on it continued until the Corps reached a strength greater then any point in its previous history. Raker himself trained this force, all the while readying them for their ultimate confrontation with Darkseid.

    Once the Corps was ready, Raker Quarrigat led 3600 Green Lanterns to Apokolips for an all out war with one of the most evil beings in the universe. The results were catastrophic. Immediately upon entering Apokolips' atmosphere the Lanterns were met with an onslaught of Darkseid’s minions, all clad in golden armor. Desaad had uncovered the Green Lanterns weakness to yellow, and Darkseid had his forces prepared to take advantage of his enemies’ weakness. Over 2/3 of Raker’s forces were killed in the initial wave. Among the fallen that day was Alisand'r of Tamaran in the Vega System, the Green Lantern of Sector 2828.

    Raker led the remnants of his team to temporary shelter while Darkseid’s forces prepared to finish the job. Ordering his soldiers to gather conventional weapons from the battlefield, Raker and his remaining forces launched a counterattack, taking Darksied by surprise. Raker himself faced off against Apokolips' master and seemingly had gained the advantage over Darkseid. When Darkseid refused Raker’s demand to surrender his throne, the Green Lantern seemed poised to deliver a killing blow. His strike was stopped by the intervention of the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians had come to Apokolips to end the war and offered Darkseid a truce. The Green Lanterns would retreat from his planet and Darkseid would be allowed to continue to rule Apokolips. The Oan’s had come to realize that a planet like Apokolips needed such a ruler. In exchange, Darkseid must agree to keep his activities confined to his nightmarish world.

    Darkseid was warned that the Guardians suffered no weakness to yellow and would personally engage him should he decline their offer, but despite this threat, the lord of Apokolips had one additional request. He demanded Raker Quarrigat as a prisoner of war. Shockingly, this demand was agreed to and Raker remained behind while the Guardians took their decimated forces back to Oa. The events of this day would forever be expunged from the Book of Oa, as would the fate of Raker Quarrigat.

    Fortunately for Raker, one Lantern refused to abide by this agreement. Ash-Pak-Glif, a Lantern whose people had been exterminated by Darkseid, secretly passed a ring onto his doomed leader as Raker was dragged to the dungeons of Apokolips. His story was erased from Lantern history and over time, Raker was reduced to a simple myth told among the people of Apokolips. It was said that even Darkseid had forgotten his prisoner. However, at some point, Raker escaped his bonds and lived in the bowels of Apokolips, forever avoiding detection while he awaited rescue by a Corps that had forgotten him.

    Raker would no doubt have remained in hiding on Apokolips had it not been for the chance abduction of Kyle Rayner and Orion by Desaad. Desaad had diverted the heroes “boom tube” from their intended destination of New Genesis to Apokolips in hopes of capturing them as a gift to Darkseid. Trapped on Apokolips, Kyle Rayner fought off Darkseid’s troops while trying to protect an injured Orion from capture. It was only chance that led the two heroes to Raker Quarrigat, who had been waiting for unknown millennia for rescue from the hellish planet. Raker assumed that Kyle was a member of the Corps who had been dispatched by the Guardians to liberate him from his captivity. He was shocked and demoralized to learn that not only had he been forgotten, but the Corps had been destroyed.

    Raker had little time to ponder this disappointment. Darkseid’s troops had found the heroes and were prepared to capture them. They were saved by the timely rescue of Plastic Man and the rest of the Justice League. Earth's heroes had found a distress signal Rayner had sent and sped to Apokolips to save their teammates. With Darkseid’s forces closing in, Raker revealed the ring that Ash-Pak-Glif had smuggled to him long ago. He used its remaining power to bring down the tunnels around them, preventing Darkseid from capturing the heroes and allowing them to escape.

    As he did before, Raker had sacrificed himself to Darkseid for the sake of others. Newly discovered by the sadistic ruler, Raker was tortured once again by Darkseid and his minions and left on public display for all to see. His pitiful state was only matched by his proud defiance. It was this resolution of spirit that inspired Kraken of Apokolips to rescue the Lantern from his bondage. The two escaped Apokolips and would later join the Corps, committing themselves to finishing the job that Raker had started many lifetimes ago.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Animating: A Green Lantern can will things to move how he wants.
    • Artificial Intelligence: Every ring has a connection to the Main Battery on Oa, which taps into an artificial intelligence. It acts as an "on-board computer," telling the wearer what they need to know. It can either respond out loud, or silently directly to the wearer's mind. The AI contains a large database of information that may be crucial to a Lantern's success. The ring also translates nearly every language to and from the wearer (though they have difficulty translating profanity), which is why the Corps can communicate with each other. When the bearer of a Green Lantern ring dies, the ring will seek out a suitable replacement for their sector. The AI can be used to play a holographic playback sequence complete with colors across the spectrum based on information in memory banks. The ring can dictate when to pause or stop the playback should an interruption arise where the Lanterns undivided attention is needed. The AI can also alert the wielder of incoming threats or of attempts to manipulate the wielders construct by an outside party.
    • Burglar Alarm: A Green Lantern can coat anything with the ring's beam and thus, if anyone other than himself touches it, his ring will glow, alerting him to the possible theft.
    • Communicator: The ring can act as a personal communicator between Green Lanterns. They have also been seen connected to telephones.
    • Costumes: The wearer of the ring may create any costume they choose, based on their personal preferences, whenever they choose. The ring projects the costume over any clothes already worn at the time. The only rules that the Guardians of the Universe implement on the creation of a individual costumed is that the ring bearer display the insignia of the Green Lantern Corps.
    • Energy Projection: The rings can also project beams, form protective bubbles and force fields, and fire destructive blasts. Sometimes, depending on the wearer, the beams and blasts make sounds. Kilowog's ring is one such example of blasts making sounds.
    • Energy Constructs: The rings can construct anything the wearer can imagine from hard-light energy, as long as they are willing to make it. The more determined the wearer is, the more complex and intricate these things can be. The constructs can even be so complex as to form working machines, computers, and even people. However, Hal is known for his relatively simple, straightforward constructs like his ever faithful boxing glove.
    • Flight: The ring allows the wearer to fly in atmosphere or in space, and can achieve incredible speeds, moving from planet to planet in a matter of hours.
    • Invisibility: The ring can make the wearer or anything else invisible.
    • Matter Manipulation: A Green Lantern can use their ring to manipulate nearby matter, such as water, for various purposes such as a construct that acts like an energy construct but can block something yellow and may serve a purpose that an energy construct couldn't perform.
    • Mind Control: The wearer of the Ring can use it to plant post hypnotic commands or control a person.
    • Mirages: The Ring can create mirages/illusions.
    • Phasing: The ring allows the user to go through walls. This ability however required great concentration on the bearer of the ring
    • Power Absorbing: In the JLA's first fight with Amazo, it was GL who defeated him by drawing out all of Amazo's powers. In Green Lantern/ Silver Surfer: Unholy Alliances, Kyle defeated Parallax with SS' power and Thanos with Oa's energy by drawing out all that extra energy from them which made them unconscious. However he couldn't hold all that power nor could his Ring like Hal did with Amazo's powers, so that move isn't often used with so much power.
    • Probing: The ring can probe the Lantern's or another person's mind, allowing him to uncover memories or the person's thoughts. (An ability which has not been seen for some time)
    • Recharging: The rings need to be recharged by means of aPower Battery. Other large sources of power may be used to recharge a power ring, however effectiveness may vary. The internal power source of a Manhunter Android is, in effect, the same as a power battery, and can be used to recharge a power ring. During the JLA / Avengers crossover, a Cosmic Cube was used to recharge a depleted ring, although this is not an ideal solution and is available if there are no other options.
    • Ring Duplication: Each ring can duplicate itself, creating a second ring which may be given to another as a backup, for protection, or to help the lantern in times of great need. This duplicate ring is exactly like a normal ring.
    • Temperature Control: The Ring can increase or decrease the temperature of anything, even something as large as stars, or even create bubbles of intense heat or cold, even down to Absolute Zero. This could be seen in the recent Sinestro Corps War when Sallak used his ring to incase an enemy in a force bubble an incinerate him.
    • Transforming (former): The ring can transform anyone or anything, be it into an animal, altering their state of appearance, or their size. Once Hal and Alan turned the two Flashes (Barry and Jay) to light protons in order to free them from prisons.
    • Electro-magnetic scanning: The ring can allow(through the use of x rays) the user to see through walls, without the people on the other side knowing. it can also scan along the Electromagnetic spectrum.
    • Wormhole/Warps: The ring can open wormholes to cut down on distance.
    • Healing: A wielder can command a ring to heal him/her/itself of any injures incurred. It can also heal others. This ability however cannot regenerate lost limbs.
    • Energy twin: The ring can create an energy copy of the wielder which is connected to the ring wielder, any information the twin gathers is transferred to the wielder upon touch while others cannot see this twin apart from fellow Green Lanterns.(An ability which has not been seen for some time)
    • Pocket dimension: Within the ring is a pocket dimension which can altered to the wielders specification. It can be used to contain opponents.
    • Sub-routines: The power rings have inner programmings or mechanisms which can executed without the users permission. One such sub-routine is the autoshield. This shield automatically protects a wielder from external harm and has been proven to be capable of protecting the wielder from planetary level attacks.

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