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    The Rajah is a member of the Circus of Crime and the animal trainer of that group. Namor and the Shroud would come across the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime in Latveria. Namor tells the Ringmaster that they come in peace and are being pursued by the forces of Dr. Doom. Namor asked the Ringmaster if they could help smuggle them out of Latveria but the Ringmaster refused because he did not want to involve himself with Dr. Doom. Namor becomes enraged and tosses the Ringmaster out of his tent. The Ringmaster has his Circus of Crime attack Namor and the Shroud. Rajah appears with his bull elephant and slams Namor into a pool of water. Rajah and his bull elephant are knocked away when Namor quickly recovers. 


    Rajah was created by Steve Englehart, Keith Giffen and Owen McCarron in 1976 and first appeared in Super-Villain Team-Up # 8.

    Skills & Abilities

    Rajah is a skilled animal trainer.

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